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Shaking up Test cricket

These are the results of our survey on reforming Test cricket. To read the article that discusses these results, click here.

1. Which of the following measures would you like to see implemented in Test cricket? (Choose one option.)
Strip only Bangladesh of Test status 3.74 %
Strip only Zimbabwe of Test status 14.39 %
Strip both Bangladesh and Zimbabwe of Test status 34.99 %
Keep both Bangladesh and Zimbabwe as Test sides, but add no more 21.07 %
Keep them both, and bring in Kenya 25.81 %
2. Which of these measures would you support? (Choose one option.)
Divide Test cricket into two tiers 26.82 %
Restrict Test cricket to a fixed number of teams 4.95 %
Keep things as they are. Let new teams come in as they have in the past 20.14 %
Have a minimum benchmark of performance for Test teams, so any team not matching that over a period of time is relegated 23.52 %
Keep a performance benchmark for a non-Test team based on a fixed schedule, so that any team attaining it over a fixed period gets provisional Test status 24.57 %
3. Which of these formats for two-tier Test cricket do you believe is best? (Choose one option.)
Two tiers of four teams each, which play official Tests, and a third tier of eight teams. At the end of every cycle, the bottom team in each tier is relegated to the tier below and the top team in each tier is promoted to the tier above 10.82 %
Two tiers of six teams each. Only the first tier plays official Tests. At the end of every cycle, the bottom two teams in the first tier are relegated and the top two teams in the second tier are promoted 9.01 %
The same system as B, only the first tier has seven teams 4.3 %
The same system as B, only the first tier has eight teams 14.07 %
I support the idea of having two tiers, but none of the above systems are appropriate 14.11 %
I don't believe in having two tiers of Test cricket 47.69 %
4. If you support restricting Test cricket to a fixed number of teams, how many do you think is ideal? (Choose one option.)
Less than 6 1.17 %
6 2.82 %
7 2.82 %
8 18.33 %
9 4.82 %
More than 9 4.14 %
I don't support such a restriction 65.9 %
5. What are your feelings about the spread of Test cricket? (Choose as many as you agree with.) *
There isn't a market for it in countries other than where it is already popular 16 %
The cricketing calendar is already too crowded, and we shouldn't complicate it further 16.32 %
Expansion is good for the game in the long run, and we must continue to spread the game 54.79 %
Let it expand naturally as markets for it naturally develop 51.74 %
6. Which of the below descriptions would you say applies to Test cricket? (Choose as many as you agree with.) *
It is a romantic notion that is being devalued 17.84 %
It is a romantic notion that has no value in these modern, competitive times 9.45 %
It is an anachronism, certain to die one day, or live on for just a niche audience 6.33 %
It is a sporting contest full of drama which will flourish if it is well looked after 85.71 %
It is a closed club that needs to be opened up 16.44 %
* The percentages add up to more than 100 because many readers voted for more than one option.