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Madhav Apte

Meet Madhav Apte Face to Face as part of CricInfo's video/audio interview series.

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Madhav Apte
"Averages don't tell true story....The class of a batsman is not necessarily average. It may only be an indicator."

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On his background to cricket and intitial days in Bombay Cricket:

My father played club level cricket. Also, tennis. Also, when we came to live at Woodlands on peddar road we had our own tennis court, a badminton court and a cricket pitch. That set the encouragement to any kind of young child who was interested in any sport. [Video | Audio]

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Test Debut: [Scorecard]

On the kind of bowling the West Indians produced in his first Test series against West Indies

The first Test was at Trinidad. This was on a matting wicket. In those days, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad or Queen's Park Oval as the ground is called did not have turf wicket. Now they have. But that was jute matting. So, it would play like a typical jute matting wicket. [Video | Audio]

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Ind-WI 1952-53 series: [Tour]

On what he feels about having an average as high as 49.27:

Averages don't tell true story....The class of a batsman is not necessarily average. It may only be an indiactor. [Video | Audio]

On the mystery why he never again played for India:

It is a mystery to me as well. I have never talked about for two reasons. Firstly, as a cricketer you accept the decision of the selectors as that of the umpires. [Video | Audio]

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On how he felt playing for Bengal in first class matches:

One year I played for Bengal. Why I was not getting chances in Bombay, nobody knows. But one year was virtually hibernating. This was 1956-57. [Video | Audio]

On being the victorious captain of Bombay Ranji Trophy side on various occasions:

I was never appointed as a captain for the season. I was the kind of a stand-in captain on four occasions. [Video | Audio]

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On any chance of big cricket returning to the Brabourne stadium as he has been the President of CCI:

I sincerely hope and pray that it does happen some day....Before I became the president of CCI, I was a committee member of the CCI. This was in the 70's. [Video | Audio]

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On playing the Kanga league even at the age of 69:

Firstly, I think it proves longevity. Because the Kanga league is now 53 years old. And I have played every year for the last 53 years since inception. [Video | Audio]

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