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Roger Binny (Part II)

Meet Roger BinnyFace to Face as part of CricInfo's video/audio interview series.

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Roger Binny
"I haven't changed over the years. It looked from outside that I was too mild on the cricket field but inside me I always played it hard"

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CricInfo: You took 6-56 including a spell of 4 for 9 against Pakistan in 30 balls at Calcutta in 1987. What was that like?

Roger Binny: I remember that game. In the first spell I didn't bowl too well for I had not played much cricket and also missed a few Ranji Trophy games when I got the call. In the second spell, I regained my rhythm and was swinging the ball. In my first ball of that spell, I had Miandad caught behind and that changed everything. [Audio]

CI: In the World Cup 1987, you played in only one match. Were you a bit disappointed?

RB: I could have played more matches, especially the game against Zimbabwe in Bombay for there was a lot of grass in it and the ball was swinging around. But Chetan (Sharma) got the nod ahead of me. [Audio]

CI: Moving on to domestic cricket, you were part of the Ranji Trophy winning side for Karnataka both in 77-78 and 82-83. Recently again, the side has been having a good run and you have been coaching them. How would you compare both the sides from different eras?

RB: In those days when I made it into the side, we used to initially struggle to get into the knockout stage as we faced stiff opposition from Tamil Nadu and Hyderabad. But once we got into the knockout stage, things used to change since we did well as we had a few Test players in the side and also the spinners did a good job. The present team has a number of Test players including Rahul and Anil who have basically motivated the side. [Audio]

CI: You have been a successful cricketer and now you are a successful coach, having taken the Indian under-19 side to a World Cup victory. How did the transition take place?

RB: The guys made it much easier as they were keen to do well. Only if the guys don't perform, then there is a problem because then as a coach you have to lift them up a little bit and have a chat with them. The boys followed the instructions and were also keen to learn. [Audio]

CI: On the future of coaching in Indian cricket

RB: I think it's good to follow with the times and get more organised. The younger players have got to think about the game a little more... [Audio]

CI: Your son Stuart Binny is slowly coming up the ranks and making a name for himself in his age group. How do feel and did you give him some tips?

RB: I always have been giving him tips from his childhood. It is difficult to talk to him rather than talking to others because it is a different relationship. But I sit and have a chat with him for he listens to me. I'm satisfied with his progress, but he has a long way to go. [Audio]

CI: On the state of Indian cricket

RB: The biggest letdown for us is our bowling...The quicker bowlers in India are going to struggle, it has to be the spinners who do the job for us... [Audio]

CI: Can you tell us something about your association with the National Cricket Academy?

RB: Well, I think the National Cricket Academy is fantastic for the kids. It helps them to learn a lot and I'm sure it's going to benefit a lot of them, if they really take it seriously [Audio]

CI: On how he has grown over the years

RB: I haven't changed over the years. It looked from outside that I was too mild on the cricket field but inside me I always played it hard... [Audio]

CI: On his future

RB: I've seen a change in quite a few of the boys from the Under-19 World Cup in Colombo which is very good. If I'm given a chance at the national level I'm sure... [Audio]

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