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Chandra Nayudu (Daughter of CK Nayudu)

Meet Chandra Nayudu Face to Face as part of CricInfo's video/audio interview series.

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Chandra Nayudu
"Chandra Nayudu is best known as the daughter of the legendary Colonel CK Nayudu who was India's first Test captain. However there are many facets to Chandra Nayudu that people know very little about - like the fact that she was the world's first ever woman commentator."
CK Nayudu
On CK Nayudu's playing days:

For every daughter her father is her hero. For me my father was the greatest cricketer in the world. Which I am sure you will understand...There was so much of a similarity between father the cricketer and father the man. [Video | Slide Show | Audio]

[CK Nayudu]

CK Nayudu passion for music:

He loved music...He had all the records of Kannan Devi and KL Saigal. When he was in Calcutta he happened to meet KL Saigal and Saigal was very happy to meet father...He sang for hours for father. [Video | Slide Show | Audio]

How did CK Nayudu balance a cricket career with family life?

His first love was cricket...Whenever he was on tour or on the cricket field everything else was blanked out. But when he came back home he was father - loving, caring, very thoughtful about our studies. [Video | Slide Show | Audio]

CK Nayudu - India's first captain:

He had many firsts to his credit...The responsibility of leading the Indian team fell on CK Nayudu. He became the very first captain of the Indian team...Father was also chosen as the first Indian to be featured as one of the five cricketers of the year by Wisden. [Video | Slide Show | Audio]

Chandra Nayudu - The first woman cricket commentator:

It was a wish on my part to do something as a tribute to the memory of my great father. I thought if he was first in something then I should also be first in something related to cricket. The chance came to me when I was asked to do the cricket commentary for a match in Indore. [Video | Slide Show | Audio]

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