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Maninder Singh

Meet Maninder Singh Face to Face as part of CricInfo's video/audio interview series with former Indian cricketers

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Maninder Singh
"I believe in destiny. Everything is written for you. I had a few niggling injuries which were really worrying me and I had a chance to become an umpire."

[ Complete profile of Maninder Singh ]
Why is Pakistan a graveyard for Indian spinners?

"Pitches [in Pakistan] are good for batting and Pakistanis are very good players of spin bowling." [Video | Audio]

Maninder Singh's [Debut Match]
India in Pakistan [1978-79 | 1982-83]
Pakistani [Grounds]

Bangalore 1987: Despite Maninder's 7/27 against Pakistan, India could not win the match. Why ?

"We tried too hard to get wickets. And that was where we went wrong. We wavered in our line and length. And the Pakistani batsman took full adavantage of that." [Video | Audio]

[Pakistan in India 1986-87]
[5th Test at Bangalore]

Tied Test in Madras: Did Maninder get an inside edge ?

"When I went to bat Ravi told me let's tie it first and let us see if we can win it from there...I had to score one run of two balls which I could not do." [Video | Audio]

[Ravi Shastri]
[Tied Test: India v Australia at Madras, 18-22 Sep 1986]

Spinning bowling in Tests v One day matches - the differences:

"You have to bowl a little flatter than in a test match beacuse in a one day game you are trying to give away fewer runs in your quota of overs." [Video | Audio]

[Bishan Singh Bedi]

Why did Maninder Singh retire so early?

"I believe in destiny. Everything is written for you. I had a few niggling injuries which were really worrying me and I had a chance to become an umpire." [Video | Audio]

Last One Day match:
[India v England at Gwalior, 1992/93]
Last Test match:
[India v Zimbabwe at Delhi, 1992/93]

Indian spinners `swept' of their feet by Gooch and Co. in the 1987 World Cup Semi-final - Why?

"It was England's day. People don't remember that so many times the ball went up in the air but in no-man's land. And there were so many times that Gooch and Gatting were nearly bowled." [Video | Audio]

[Graham Gooch] [Mike Gatting]
2nd Semi-Final: [India v England, World Cup, 1987/88]

Maninder's transition to umpiring:

"I couldn't play the way I used. My asset was my fielding and when you are injured you can't really do justice to it...I am addicted to the game. Lets's be very honest about. I had an opportunity to be connected with the game and I took it." [Video | Audio]

Helping young Indian spinners:

"I have been connected with spinners. Nikhil Chopra came to me for some advice. Murali Karitk, who i think is the best spinner in the country...has been praticing with me. " [Video | Audio]

[Murali Kartik] [Nikil Chopra]

Do fomer cricketers get the credit they deserve?

"Yes definitely. It shows when I am umpiring also...You don't get the eyes from the players" [Video | Audio]

What is Maninder's vision ofthe game in the new millennium?

"It is going to carry on as it is. The only improvement that I can see is that [more technology will be used]." [Video | Audio]

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