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Chandu Sarwate

Meet Chandu Sarwate Face to Face as part of CricInfo's video/audio interview series with former Indian cricketers

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Chandu Sarwate
On Sir Don Bradman: "He had every stroke in the game. The sweep shot is a blind shot in the game of cricket. But he could even place the sweep shot according to the position of the deep square leg."

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Famous last wicket stand with Shute Banerjee in 1946:

"Shute Banerjee came to join me. I was No.10 and he was No.11. The Surrey captain then thought that we would last hardly a few minutes. He called the groundsman and was trying to tell him the roller that he would require. But that evening we couldn't do anything wrong...ultimately we got 249 runs for the last wicket." [Video | Audio]

[Shute Banerjee] [Match Scorecard | India in England, 1946]

Sarwate - Unusual bowler in the mould of Sonny Ramadhin:

"I was a leg break and off break bowler. The off break was a little deceptive and it came a little quicker off the pitch...I bowled to Bradman. The first ball was a off break he was a little surprised and hooked the ball to the square leg fielder. I should had the Don's wicket that day. After that he never gave a chance." [Video | Audio]

[Sonny Ramadhin] [India in Australia, 1947-48]

Lindwall and Miller - one of the greatest new ball attacks:

"Ray Lindwall was quick, much quicker than Keith Miller but Keith Miller was a great versatile player. He could move the ball both ways and also bring it up suddenly, just short of length." [Video | Audio]

[Keith Miller] [Ray Lindwall] [India in Australia, 1947-48]

Playing on sticky wickets: more luck or judgement?

"You need some guts and judgement. And you also need luck. It is different from the wickets in England. The Australian wickets are hard and when it gets wet on top the ball really flies...You need some guts because without helmet, without chest guard, without visor it's really tough." [Video | Audio]

Chandu Sarwate on Sir Don Bradman:

"He had every stroke in the game. The sweep shot is a blind shot in the game of cricket. But he could even place the sweep shot according to the position of the deep square leg." [Video | Audio]

[Don Bradman]

Part of the Great Holkar side that won Ranji 4 times:

"We had a very good side. We had a great leader in Col. CK Nayadu who was a great cricketer. Probably one of the greatest cricketers. [The Holkar side] on the very first day itself could score 300 runs...Maharaj Yashwant Rao who formed the team was a very knowledge person and understood the finer points of the games." [Video | Audio]

[CK Nayudu] [Denis Compton] [Ranji Trophy Final 1946-47]

Part of Selection Committee for the 1983 World Cup:

"I feel very happy that I was part of the selection comittee that chose the team that won the World Cup by beating West Indies at Lords...We selected the right combination because we selected allorunders - Mohinder Amarnath, Roger Binny, Madan Lal and Kapil Dev. Srikkanth was a brilliant batsmen. One of the best one day batsman. He could attack anything. Most unorthodox but brilliant." [Video | Audio]

[The World Cup, 1983] [K Srikkanth] [Mohinder Amarnath]
[Madan Lal] [Roger Binny] [Kapil Dev]

Future of Cricket:

"The game has changed totally as far one day cricket is concerned...After Kerry Packer the main thing is that money has come into the game. We cricketerers in those days were very badly off. We played test matches for 10, 50 or 200 rupees plus first class fare. Now the days have changed. The cricketers are really very, very well off. I am very happy that they are getting their due. And it is all due to one day cricket. The game has become a commercial spectacle" [Video | Audio]

[Kerry Packer's World Series Cricket, 1978-79]

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