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Want to be coached by the masters to improve your game?
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Welcome to Net Session - your online cricket coaching resource. We will look at the various aspects of the game covering batting, bowling, fielding, wicket keeping and even the psychological and physical fitness aspects of the game. Get set to hone your skills - by listening to and watching greats like like Allan Donald, Desmond Haynes, Bob Woolmer, Terry Jenner, Bob Taylor and others.

Batting: Here we cover the fundamental techniques of batting viz. the grip, stance, back lift etc. and go on to the way the different strokes (Drives, Pulls, Cuts etc.) are played in the classical and orthodox way. The finer aspects of batting which set apart a good batsman from the rest, are discussed in detail.
Bowling: This section is divided into Fast Bowling and Spin Bowling. In fast bowling, the skills needed to be a fast bowler or a medium pace bowler are enumerated. Besides the fundamentals of the grip, run-up, action and follow through, there are details of how to bowl the different types of balls like the Outswinger, Inswinger, etc. In spin bowling, the topics covered include Off spin, Leg spin and Left arm spin.
Fielding: All the basic fundamentals like catching, throwing and stopping the ball are covered. Besides, skills like the Dive stop, sliding stop etc. are explained in a step by step manner.
Wicket-keeping: Besides the fundamentals like how to stand up to the wickets or back, detailed information on how to excel behind the wickets by the adoption of some simple techniques is provided. The equipment required, mental make-up and other finer aspects which are essential for the development of a keeper are dealt with in detail.