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Anjum Chopra - The key to India's success

She began her career as a fast bowler who batted low down in the order. Tall, lithe and with a bounce in her step, Anjum Chopra bowls her mediumpacers with fizz. However, in the very first international she played, her batting skills were tested. Coming in to bat low down in the order, she managed to remain unbeaten as her vice captain scored the winnings runs. Thus started a journey that brought her irrepressible batting talent to the fore.

Left handers are blessed with the elegance that one associates more with ballet dancers than cricketers. Anjum Chopra is an especially elegant left hander! Standing tall when at the crease, Chopra makes batting look easy. This, say the purists, is the surest sign of a class act. Whether she is playing a limited overs game, or one of longer duration, Chopra needs to make minimal modifications in her approach. Her ability to time the ball sweetly and find the gaps in the offside make it unnecessary to try and hit the ball too hard.

Every batsman and indeed batswoman has a stroke that he or she favours above all else. When it comes to Anjum Chopra, that shot would have to be the coverdrive. With at least two options for every half volley dished out, Anjum either plays the ball early, and sends the ball sailing through the covers. If she changes her mind, Chopra waits just a fraction, angles the bat and guides the ball square of the wicket.

Recognising her level headedness, even at the age of 23, the selectors have made Anjum Chopra the vice captain of the Indian team. Already, she has made her presence felt in the CricInfo Women's World Cup 2000. Known to perform in the big matches, Anjum Chopra would gladly like to notch up a big hundred and help India win the CricInfo Women's World Cup 2000.

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Anjum Chopra
Anjum Chopra

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