Hong Kong International Cricket Sixes

Interview with Aaqib Javed

Aaqib Javed, the fast bowler from Pakistan is currently in Hong Kong to play in the Sixes tournament. Here, he is being interviewd by the fans on the IRC undernet channel #cricket. Rohan Chandran is the moderator.

Rohan: We've got Aaqib Javed coming now.

Aaqib: By the way, this is the correct spelling of my name.

mohan: Aaqib: You love massacaring Indians in Sharjah, don't you? :-)

Aaqib: hahaha..

chandra: Aaqib: Pakistan know you had great success against India in ODI's. Why were you not considered for Sahara Cup?

Aaqib: I was looking forward to go there, but this is not my job. Selectors have to decide that. I am waiting for the call anyway.

ddyte: Aaqib: your bowling action has always looked a bit like a ball flying out of a blur of waving limbs. Have coaches ever tried to make you follow the text book a little more?

Aaqib: Yeah, this is a natural action, I believe in that. Fast bowling is a totally natural thing. You can learn a bit about how to bowl but you cant change your action. I want to stick to my own action.

Everybody has a natural swing, I have a natural outswinger - I keep working on that.

igloo: Aaqib: Gooch described your performance in 1992 World Cup final as a revelation. He speculated that Imran had done a lot of work on you. Any comments?

Aaqib: Imran in fact, in my cricket, did a lot of things for me. He's the guy who saw me the first time when I was in U19 camp. He's the guy who said you can be a fast bowler. He was captain at that time. He asked the board, "Can I take this guy on tour ?"

I learnt a lot from him.

igloo: Aaqib: the incident with David Palmer. Can we get your side of the story?

Aaqib: hahaha... (laughs)

It is quite a long time but I still remeber a few things. I mean I was... I can say, not just myself... but the captain (Miandad) and myself and all the bowlers were not comfortable with that Umpire.

He should be running the cricket on the field. He should be kind and positive.

The story was in Test cricket there was a new rule - just two bouncers per over. I bowled one, and it hit Devon Malcolm, so the umpire gave me the warning straight away - "No more."

I said, "Why not? By the rule I can bowl two, you cant stop me for one."

He said, "No, you can't." I bowled the next bouncer and he wasnt happy with me. He said, "You can't do that."

igloo: Was there an official warning before he gave you your sweater back? Was he citing you for two bouncers or for intimidatory bowling at a tailender?

Aaqib: After the over, the way he gave me back my sweater wasn't nice. I said, "You're the Umpire. You should be cool, nice." But his accent, the way he talked to me, wasn't nice. I said, "You have to be nice, otherwise we can't work together." Miandad came over and he [the Umpire] was rude to him [Miandad] as well...

chandra: Aaqib: What made you to be so successful a bowler aganist India in ODIs? Do you put something extra while playing aginst India?

Aaqib: It is very different when you play against India, especially in Sharjah. When you play under pressure, your nerves and your muscles work really slowly. You have to control yourself and be positive.

When I play India, I try my best. I focus my mind to bowl on target. That's it. Just work hard. Try to give 100%. The one reason, I always bowl well agaisnst india is because we play each other twice a year in Sharjah. I know the weaknesses of the players - even Sachin Tendulkar - although he is one of the best in the world.

Sometimes he gets trapped, sometimes he gets runs. I am a natural fast bowler - I try to bowl him good length off stump. Must get the ball right on target. Just outside the off stump and vary pace. Sometimes he is looking to drive and when you vary your pace he misjudges. When he starts his innings, the first few overs, he is a bit shaky on off stump, so I just focus over there.

vrsridhar: Aaqib: What do you think of David Shepherd's umpiring in yesterday's match? [India v Pakistan, Sahara Cup]

Aaqib: Not just David Shepherd. I've seen all three matches and the umpiring is not up to International standard. I am not satisfied with the umpiring of the South African or the West Indian Umpire either. At least 6/7 decisions, you can say, were not clear.

mohan: Aaqib: We read in magazines that Indian and Pakistani players are very good friends off the field. Is that really true? I mean, by the look of things on the field, it is hard to believe that :-)

Aaqib: (laughs) We are professional. In a professional sport, you have to be professional on the field. Especially, in an India-Pakistan match. have to work hard. [We are] really enemies on the ground. Off the field we are good friends.

Myself, I have 5 or 6 good friends: Raju, Jadeja, Ankola, Sidhu, very good friends of mine. Aashish Kapoor also. Ankola - looks very talented. When he bowls, his running in to the wicket is good. But his last step, something is wrong. He is not relaxed enough to bowl fast. He can be a good bowler but unfortunately he is not always there.

chandra: Aaqib: Can you comment about your current form?

Aaqib: My current form is pretty good. I am quite fit, playing cricket. Last I played was World Cup and Sharjah. I am quite satisfied, just waiting for the call. I am quite confident.

Date-stamped : 07 Oct1998 - 04:33