Hong Kong International Cricket Sixes

Interview with Salil Ankola and Rajesh Chauhan

Salil Ankola and Rajesh Chauhan, former Indian test bowlers, currently in Hong Kong to play in the Sixes talked to cricket fans in the IRC channel #cricket.

Rohan: We Have Salil Ankola and Rajesh Chauhan.

UMass: Chauhan: Murali and Dharmasena are 'targetted' for chucking and rumor has that next target is Rajesh Chauhan - like to comment?

Chauhan: UMass: no comments!

D.Soman: salil: Your move from Maharashtra to Bombay probably worked both ways for you... Got you into the reckoning but also had you compete in the "Bombay quota". Any regrets?

Ankola: Yes, if I had played for Maharashtra for a longer time, maybe cricket would not have given me as much as I have got now. Whatever is going on I just take it however it comes.

D.Soman: salil: Last few years you've been on the fringes of the test side almost permanently. Do you ever feel cheated of a test place? How do you keep motivated?

Ankola: I do feel cheated of a test place. The thought of playing for India keeps me motivated. Just wish, I can get a few Tests and do some good for the country.

Ankola: There are too many one day games going on, it would have been much better if I got 4 to 5 Test matches, as that is real cricket actually. can't judge a player on one dayers.

UMass: Can anything be done to have some fighting chance for bowlers in Ranji games? Why didn't anyone try that yet?

Ankola: Umass: the concept of flat tracks has to be acceted. I dont think anywhere except RSA really has quickish wickets, but they are not express. That's the way Indian cricket has been for so many decades. No point talking about it. Even if we have Tests in India it will be only on spinning tracks. It would be nice to have quickish bouncy tracks though.

Shash: salil: In your cricketing career, who do you think has been the most helpful influence especially with regard to bowling?

ddyte: Salil + Chauhan: it is refreshing to see players who are more interested in tests than one day games. How do you feel about tournaments such as the sixes? Constructive or a holiday opportunity?

Ankola: Definitely a holiday opportunity. But we are playing to win and are taking seriously. It is good for helping to increase cricket in non cricket playing countries.

salil: salil: The Mumbai attack over the past few years has developed a bite that was missing earlier... Can you tell us a bit about what you see for the next few years, any new prospects?

Ankola: There is Manish Patel, Amit Dani who are good prospects.

salil: salil: what about Reuben Morris?

Ankola: He is a good all rounder, more of a batsman than a bowler, he can be a very good bowler though if he takes it seriously.

Shash: salil: which ground do you consider your favorite to bowl on?

Ankola: Mohali, Punjab.

Sadiq: What do you think Muzumdar's weaknesses are? Is he working on them?

Ankola: not fair for me to answer on Amol's part, but he is working very hard and is very serious about his cricket. It'll be about a year and a half when he plays for India.

badri: who will Amol replace in the current squad?

Ankola: There'll be a lot of changes in the coming year and a half, nobody can take his place for granted after the SA and WI tours.

D.Soman: salil: who is the best Mumbai captain you have played under?

Ankola: Best was Ravi Shastri, now after him is Sachin.

Shash: salil: a while back, a couple of women were watching the CAB Hero Cup semi in 1993 v South Africa and they commented you to be quite handsome... Have you even been approached by a modelling agency in India? :-)

Ankola: Shash: if you have any assignments in mind, please let me know!!

D.Soman: salil: Why do you think Kuruvilla hasn't even got a single chance to play for the country?

Ankola: yeah, he is one of the quickest in the country. Maybe his fielding may go against him, thats what people think.

D.Soman: Hmm.... do you think your fielding may have gone against you too?

Ankola: My fielding went against me two years back, but now I've worked a lot on it and I don't think that is the reason any more, and I knew somebody would ask me this so I was prepared!!

CommonMan: salil: Have there been occasions when you have felt that a "bowling coach" might be helpful. Rather than one coach who has to think about everything?

Ankola: Commoner: YES.

D.Soman: salil: How many sixes should we expect from you today? :-)

Ankola: I am superstitous, so I will not comment on that!

CommonMan: salil: Obvious question, anyone you would like to see in particular?

Ankola: CommonMan: Demi Moore!

CommonMan: Demi Moore - she will surely bowl many people over :)

D.Soman: Salil: Should off field activities of players interfere with team selection... for example Kambli...

Ankola: salil: Why should they? Do your off field activities interfere with your career??

D.Soman: salil: Atul Wassan just said that Delhi would win the Ranji trophy this year. Do you have anything to say for us Mumbaikar's? :-)

Ankola: salil: Atul is being optimistic, he is trying!

Date-stamped : 07 Oct1998 - 04:33