Interview with Eddo Brandes

Zimbabwean opening bowler Eddo Brandes has had much success during the 1996-97 international season, including a one-day hat-trick against England. His award as CricInfo Interactive's Player of the Month for January 1997 has been very popular. He was interviewed on the IRC channel #cricket during a rain delay in the Zimbabwe day-night victory over India on 7 February 1997. The interview was moderated by Alak Chakravorty (azzie on IRC), with Ros Brodie assisting Eddo at the keyboard.

azzie: Hi Eddo. Welcome to #cricket

parallel: How do you think the Indian batting is currently?

Ros: Eddo's views on the Indian batting: theyre a good batting side, they have two very good batters - Sachin and Azhar...

greenbum: Eddo: Given the brilliant performance that you and the Zim team have put in recently, where do you see the team being in world terms in the next 3/4 years?

Eddo: We've only had a good peformance over the last two months. It's very difficult to know where we'll be in the next 3-4 years, but obviously we'd like to progress in the same vein that we're going.

Etaoin: Eddo: what do you think was the major contribution in getting you from the 1986 ICC Trophy to where you are now?

Eddo: Eta: we've played a lot of cricket against these internationall sides. We've had our fair share of hidings, but all of it helps to learn and gain expeirence

travis: Eddo: best moment in cricket? World Cup 92 v England? Hat trick v England? 3-0 ODIs v England? Any highlight not against England (grin)

Eddo: Travis: Hat-trick's gotta be the highlight, I think, because it's happened so few times. But more important that that, whenever we play well and win a game. That at the moment is most important for me

Greenbum: How far do you think we are from seeing Zim become a fully professional outfit? I mean most of you guys still do a full day's work over and above your cricket.

Eddo: greenbum: I think that has taken a big turn. At the moment we have 10 fulltime pro's, 8 of them are with us, 2 of them didn't make the squad. So I think we are heading in the right direction. I'm sure by the start of the next season, we will see probably another 3 or 4 or 5 fulltime pro's, depending on finance available to pay professionals. Obviously finance becomes more readily availbale with positive performances, so if we can continue our good performances, hopefully it can come about quicker.

Greenbum: And good luck... Most of us RSA'ns are behind you. We'd rather see you beat us in the final than India (again) :-)

Eddo: greenbum: thanks very much, we're trying our best :-)

Mongia: Eddo congratulations. Which team is better India or England since you played aganist both?

Eddo: Mongia: Difficult question. They both are good sides. I think England are struggling with form on a team basis, whereas we've got India still putting in good performances. So I'd have to think that India are better than England at the moment.

Eddo: Next?

chiggs eddo: who are the up and coming players we should watch out for? besides the veterans like you?

azzie: in the zimbabwe team i imagine, you mean?

chiggs eddo: In the Zim team of course

Eddo: chiggs: (laughs) Most of them are with us here. Craig Wishart will be a good batsman. Everton Matambanadzo a good bowler. All they need is to continue practicing, back themselves, and they'll be there. Then we have got players coming through at the U19 and U17 levels, and in a couple of years I'm sure we'll see those in the national side.

travis: Eddo: this isn't a question, but speaking on behalf of Australia, we loved hearing about you guys thrashing England in those one-dayers

Indi: Hi eddo.. do u guys ever think.. what if Hick had stayed back .. and played with you all?

Eddo: Indi: Obviously he'd be an asset to our side, but he made a choice to go to Eng before we got Test status. So he made a business decision there and I think it was the right one. Unfortunately he's going through a bit of bad form, but I'm sure he'll be back in the Eng sidde soon.

Indi: Eddo: were u ever tempted to do the same?

Eddo: Indi: No!

Eddo: Indi: I'm not in the same class!!

Sampath: Eddo, given the good performance of zimb in the last few motnhs, beating england, comign very close to it with both SA and India, more so with India, do u think, Zimb is raising to challenge the other strong cricketing countries than it ever was in the past? Something like how SriLanka did in the last world cup?

Eddo: Sampath: I'd like to think so, but as I said earlier we're going through a bit of good form, and we've gotta keep that going to keep ourselves competing and chasing the other strong cricketing nations.

Rohan: Eddo: A LOT is made of the fact that you are a chicken farmer by profession - i.e. media headlines etc.. I'm curious as to how you feel about that? I mean, someone like me will take a headline in any format :) but doesn't it get a little stale?

Eddo: Rohan: It can't really get stale because it's my job :-)

Rohan: haha

Eddo: It's one of those lines that the press use. It does bring up a smile with everyone. I suppose it's something different. All other pro cricketers are purely cricketers!

Eddo: Two more questions. Must get to the dressing room...

travis: Eddo: unusually for a fast bowler, you seem to be currently at the peak of your career in your mid-30s. What does the near future hold for you?

Eddo: travis: I'd like to play as long as I can, depending on family and work comittments.

Ros: Play to resume in 10 minutes, so Eddo had to run.

azzie: thanks for your questions folk, and if you didn't manage to ask it, perhaps next time!

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