Hong Kong International Cricket Sixes

Interview with Allan Donald

Allan Donald came up and talked to CricInfo, fresh from South Africa's victory over New Zealand in the opening rounds of the Hong Kong 6's. CI's Rohan Chandran started off by asking his impressions of playing on an astroturf pitch, and then threw the virtual microphone open to questions from the members of #cricket on IRC.

Allan: Wouldn't have been bad if it wasn't so slippery... but of course, not as much as last year. It's been alright, apart form the bad rain. been very enjoyable, glad that RSA are on the winning track. Never played a Sixes of this scale before: lot of action, lot of 4s and sixes, good crowd coming to watch.

chandra: Allan: Can you tell about your current form?

Allan: Spent six months in England, have done nothing, no competitive cricket, club stuff for Rishton, did very well. Had a good rest, feel I'm ready to go again.

Penfold: Allan: how do you fancy your chances against the SL ODI side?

Allan: Never gonna be easy because they're a hard side to beat: one day tournament played in India is gonna be even harder. SL are no longer anything like a pushover side; playing very exciting cricket now. They have the ability and confidence to do well.

Ros: Allan: can you see yourself doing this kind of an interview from the dressing-room during a Test?

Allan: Ros: Uh, probably be better doing it from there. This is competitive but not really important, in a Test it would be inappropriate to interrupt players and their concentration, although if you're just waiting to go and bat in the changing room there's no problem.

Ros: Allan: who, in your opinion, will be Dave Richardson's successor?

Allan: Ros: I think theres a few who are very good keepers. probably Nick Pothass of Transvaal, had his first A tour to England and did pretty well, also Palframan from Border, who has done duty before. Going to be hard from a keeping point of view to replace him, because of his batting abilities as well. Played some very valuable knocks. I can't really see who other than those two can possibly fill his shoes - they're the ones I'd tip for the future.

chandra: Allan: whom do you think is the bat you feel is most difficult to bowl at?

Allan: Lara is probably the toughest, such great batspeed and a fantastic eye, he can play all kinds of shots just using the pace of the ball. The Waugh brothers as well, a few Indians like Tendulkar, Vinod Kambli, so many others you can name. You really have to be focussed when you bowl at these guys, especially in the sub continent.

chandra: What is the reason for you being in and out of the South Africa one day squad?

Allan: They have a policy of picking players to suit the pitches, some times it is tough. Left me out against WI in the WC cos the wicket had been well used: wanted to play two spinners to slow it up a bit. I dont mind, gives me a chance to rest, in a tour it's good to do that, to focus on the Tests.

I-man: Allan: Do you see much of Zimbabwe's play, and what of their chances in near future?

Allan: Don't see too much of Zimbabwe, they keep playing India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. In Test cricket they struggle to bring forward topclass batters, they have one bowler really - Heath Streak who does the bulk of the work - there's Campbell and the two Flower brothers. They will find it tought to bowl people out. They've performed though, in the past, beaten Pakistan in a Test in Harare.

ddyte: Is Dominic Cork Allan's long lost little brother?

Allan: ddyte: NO. There's definitely not a connection: lots of people say we look alike a little bit, I wouldn't like to comment on that really. He's a fine cricketer obviously.

Penfold: Allan: what is happening with you next English season?

Allan: (laughs) Having one more season in county cricket, with Warwickshire, that'll be my tenth season there. Hopefully in 1999 I'll have a benefit with the club when the World Cup is there. The UCB is reluctant to release players now, trying to look after us with regard to burnout etc..

printman: Allan: how do you feel when playing provincial cricket against [Western] Province at Newlands....?

Allan: printman: (sounding amused) Well, I've got a great hatred for Western Province. I think they're a side that are almost.. coming from where I come from I shouldn't say this cos I've got nothing to talk about.. Fine side, they have the majority of the South Africa [test] cricketers playing for them: it gives me great pleasure beating them when we do.

I love Capetown: it's a fantastic place. It's always nice when you have a 4 day game there or are playing a test match: it's a fantastic place.
Date-stamped : 07 Oct1998 - 04:33