Interview with Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid is one of the young star batsman in the Indian squad on the 1996-97 tour in South Africa. Dravid was interviewed from Kingsmead, Durban on the irc channel #cricket on 30 December 1996, shortly after his innings of 64 (top score for India) against a Natal Invitation XI. The interview was conducted by Ros Brodie.

Ros: OK, I have Rahul Dravid with me now. He will take a few questions...

shash: dravid: do you expect to bat at one-down in the next Test match? btw, good knock today

Dravid: shash: the team has not yet be decided, but there may be a few changes in the batting order... maybe I might bat up the order

SandMan26: What's it like to face Donald? what is your mental approach?

Dravid: SandMan: Donald is a great fast bowler and it's a challenge facing him, especially early on in my career. It's been a good learning experience for me. I'm normally positive.

vishal: Which is your preferred batting spot Rahul?

Dravid: vishal: I have no preferred spot...anywhere where the team management needs me to bat

SandMan26: Have you faced Warne - totally different approach I assume?

Dravid: SandMan: no, I haven't actually played Warne...I think it will be a totally different approach

SandMan26 you're one of the best young up-and-coming batsmen in the world imo - all the best for the tour and the future!

rabi: do you see yourself as a opener ?

Dravid: rabi: no, not at the present moment

rabi: Has there been any talk to try Laxman as opener given the fact that he used to open for Hyd in ranji???

Dravid: rabi: I don't think Laxman opens for Hyderabad... He's an exciting middle-order batsman.. and I think he should stay that way

SandMan26: Is Tendulkar going to remain captain for much longer?

Dravid: SandMan: I think Sachin is one of the best cricketers and captain in the world at the moment.... and I hope he remains India's captain for a long time.

rohg: Dravid..It took a little time after the first few one day series for you to really come through..after England you didn't look back - how do you explain this?

Dravid: rohg: I think it's just a question of confidence... once you have a few big scores behind you, things just fall into place

kvs: Given the low bounce on Indian wickets how do you prepare to play the short rising ball?

Dravid: kvs: we've used the nets a bit here in SA.... but I normally get people to bowl short at me back home in Bangalore.

vishal: Do you use a bowling machine Dravid?

Dravid: vishal: no, we don't have this facility in India

PhaeHK: Rahul, thanks for your time: How do you feel about the constant rotation in the batting order you have seen, and if free to choose, which spot would you prefer and why ?

Dravid: Phae: I don't think the constant rotation affects me much... I believe if you're a professional cricketer, you've got to learn to adjust in any conditions and any position.

Arey: Dravid, which bowler you find most difficult to face? and who is your favorite batsman?

Dravid: I think I find Srinath and Donald the most difficult. Sachin Tendulkar is my favourite batsman

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