Interview with Ralph Gosein

Ralph Gosein has been umpiring Test matches in the West Indies since 1965. On 27 April 1997 he was third umpire during the second One-Day International between the West Indies and India at Queens Park Oval, Port-of-Spain. We had a brief chat with Gosein on the IRC channel #cricket during a rain delay in the game.

wz-: I have the third umpire for the match here

wz-: Mr Gosein is here. If you have any questions please ask them now

WGG: do you get to choose the angle of replays as a 3rd ump, or just what the TV station shows?

Gosein: we can ask for whichever angle we need

bdread: Mr Gosein: is there are time limit on reviews of decisions?

Gosein: no time limit at all, once we are satisfied we have seen all angles, we make a decision

bdread: How long have you been an ump?

Gosein: I have been an umpire since 1954. I have done 25 Test matches as the main umpire!

JeffGreen: Are there any decisions which the 3rd umpire takes without being asked?

Gosein: no no, we only answer when we are asked by the umpires on the field

Ros: Do you believe a woman will ever umpire a Test and if so, predictions as to when?

Gosein: Hahahahahah.. (laughs). All I can say we have quite a few women umpires in the WI that are qualified. Whether they are given the opportunity is up to the powers that be!

WGG: how would you contrast being the 3rd ump to being in the middle?

Gosein: being in the middle is different, have to stand up in the sun all day, 3rd umpire just has to relax!!

Gosein: the technology is there, but the umpires in the middle are the best, and they will serve no purpose if computers replace them

WGG: and is the 3rd ump at the same rate of pay :-)?

Gosein: WGG: no no, they are not :) Confidentially, there are paid half of what the umpires in the middle receive

bdread: maybe you should get me as you agent :-)

Gosein: laughs loudly

Windian: The normal speed look at Tendulkars dismissal as well as Chanders supposed dismissal shows neither was a bad call from what the ump saw....the lbw less so

Gosein: Chanderpaul's decision was difficult to tell.

wz-: Mr. Gosein did three of the Test matches in 1971 when Sunny was here and the next time India came to WI, he did all five Tests. We met Vishwanath yesterday, and he recognized Mr Gosein.. but Vishy has changed a lot! So Mr Gosein didn't recognize him immediately :)

wz-: he had to run off the third umps box :)

wz-: that was Mr. Gosein, WI umpire and third umpire for this match

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