Interview with Syed Karim

Syed Karim was a surprise selection as India's reserve wicketkeeper on the 1996-97 tour of South Africa. He was interviewed on the irc channel #cricket during the final day of the tour match against Eastern Province at Port Elizabeth on 23 December 1996. The interview was conducted by Sarah Chesterfield (grimmett on irc), with assistance from Vishal Misra, and Ravi Sista.

grimmett: I have Syed Saba Karim here with me :-)

vishal: Why the name "Fidel" for your son?

Karim: because I like the name - the meaning is very good meaning is: he who has faith

vishal: no reference to Castro :-)? - we were wondering

Karim: none at all :-))

krish: saba, were you surprised at being selected for the tour? Or did you sort of expect it?

Karim: I was not exactly surprised - I was hoping to make a comeback it is a long tour, and we will play a lot of first class games as well as ODIs - there is always a chance that Nayan won't do well in the tour games or I might fail too

kingster: What do you see yourself in the team after a long time comeback?

Karim: this is a very young team we have - it is good to be back in the Indian team

wz: if you are selected for the Test side, what position would you like to bat?

Karim: middle order - # 6 or 7 :-)

salil: Question for Saba Karim: Do you see yourself playing a test as a batsman on this tour?

(belly laughs)

Karim: it depends on my performance in the first class games

krish: with three keepers in the squad, don't you think it'd have been a good idea to have had a touring party of 18 with possibly an extra spinner in?

Karim: it is not allowed- you can have only 16 according to the ICC ruling

kingster: what motivates you the most to win a game atleast on your part if not the whole team?

Karim: whenever I go in to play a game, I want to play to the best of my ability it gives me a good high and whenever I do well, it gives me a good night's sleep

wz: which Indian bowler is the hardest to keep for, and why?

Karim: Anil - becauses of the bounce he extracts from the wicket

grimmett: would you like to keep to Adams?

Karim: I wouldn't mind - it would be a great challenge to keep to him -and read him

vishal: do you think of him as a leg spinner while keeping or an off spinner (Anil)

Karim: I haven't kept to Kumble for a long time- it is a great challenge to me. I hope to be keeping to him on this tour

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