Interview with Venkatesh Prasad

Indian opening bowler Venkatesh Prasad was interviewed on the irc channel #cricket during the closing stages of India's tour match against Eastern Province at Port Elizabeth on 23 December 1996. The interview was conducted by Sarah Chesterfield (grimmett on irc), with assistance from Vishal Misra, and Ravi Sista.

smurf: What went through your mind when sohail hit you for a boundary in b'lore, just before you got him out? what were you thinking just before you bowled the next ball :)

Prasad: it was nothing but a friendly talk - I just thought of getting him out

salil: Prasad: Four fast bowlers in the India side, all from Karnataka. What has happened that the fast bowling power has swung southwards?

Prasad: the wickets are really prepared for fast bowling- first Srinath entered the test teeam then it was me and the rest followed

krish: Prasad, would you think you're bowling faster now than when you broke into the Indian team?

Prasad: yes because of the confidence that I got from the England series as well as thee ODIs

Dom: What were the impressions you got of the England side during the recent tour, does you think they can realistically challenge Aus for the Ashes?

Prasad: You can't underestimate any team

vishal: What about Ankola? does he have any hopes of making it back?

Prasad: Of course, why not but there is more competition now - he has to really fight it out

kingster: I deeply felt that your bowling performance has improved tremendously compared to the world cup we had...what made you to be consistent bowler in the team on the positive aspect?

Prasad: I want to thank you for the confidence you are showing in me

Prasad: it is more confidence, hard work and determination that has made me to be a more consistent bowler

nayak: how does you find the atmosphere in RSA?

Prasad: Very nice, friendly, and SA is a very good host for the tourists

vishal: I must admit I wanted Ankola in the team ahead of you during the world cup - but I have completely changed my opinion after the English tour - you were terrific in England and now I am a fan :-)


Prasad: thank you for that, but I think as the years go by, you will be changing your mind again

vishal: heh - I hope not

Prasad: maybe there will a lot of others who will do very will in the coming years for India

vishal: I hope the Srinath-Prasad pair would make believers out of everyone

krish-: Do you reverse swing the ball as yet?

Prasad: Sometimes it just happens- so the thing is to keep working on the ball

Dom: How long did it take you to perfect the leg spinner slower ball you use to such great effect, especially in one dayers?

Prasad: it was very hard for me - I had to practise a long time. In the ODI especially you need to have a lot of variations because everyone knows that the batsmen are whacking the ball everywhere and because of that, maybe a change of pace would help the bowler to get a wicket

nayak: did you enjoy bowling in this match? and are you looking forward to the 1st Test?

Prasad: I did enjoy bowling here because it is the first time I am bowling in SA, and it is also the first time I am using the red kookaburra ball. And yes, I am really looking forward to the first test, hope to get some wickets there

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