Interview with Javagal Srinath

India's leading strike bowler, Javagal Srinath, was interviewed on the irc channel #cricket during the closing stages of India's tour match against Eastern Province at Port Elizabeth on 23 December 1996. The interview was conducted by Sarah Chesterfield (grimmett on irc), with assistance from Vishal Misra, and Ravi Sista.

Pranav: For a long time, you were unlucky and not amongst wickets. What kept you motivated to keep on bowling fast and what changes have you made in last few months to get to the wicket taking spree?

Srinath: Inspiration was drawn from my predecessors- the luck-factor has been with me - no other changes

zazoo: I saw you walking between the fans at EP.......and you seemed very happy to be signing caps bats and t-shirts.....Have you had a good reception in SA ?

Srinath: yes - the people have been very warm - it is nice to be back in PE

Rodin: in South Africa Do you enjoy batting as much as bowling?

Srinath: Yeah, I really fancy batting, but I know it is a difficult job to do

Pranav: (in Michigan, USA originially from Gujarat) - What is the reason for sudden growth of medium pacers and fast bowlers in Karnataka?

Srinath: the seniors are placing confidence in the juniors - and imparts everything they've learnt. that makes the barrier to international cricket easier to them

sed: Srinath, your thoughts on SA pitches compared to those in England

Srinath: the pitches have normally more bounce but les movement than in England, vice versa in England

gitt: You look very very tense during the match. Have never seen you relaxed. Why ?

Srinath: appearances are deceptive - don't judge the book by the cover

grimmett: belly laughs here :-)

chandra: I am talking from Bangalore.. Do you think the young and the inexperienced fast bowlers (Ganesh and Johnson) will live up to their reputation ???

Srinath: you will discover it for yourself in the course of time

grimmett Can I just mention that he is the very soul of discretion so ask specific questions - and nothing that would get anyone in hot water

gitt: who do u think among the sa batsmen at present are difficult to be made out

Srinath: Kirsten looks good - so does Cullinan - they're the two best players

Pranav: How morale boosting was your 6 wkt performance in Ahmedabad???

Srinath: good enough to cover up my previous mediocre performances (lots of laughter)

gitt: how do u think ideally ur spells should be distributed in the 50 overs inan one-day

Srinath: depends - 6, 3, 2 ideally :-)

Rodin : Will we see a Srinath flic-flac in South Africa?

Srinath: (laughs) I should take a class from Paul Adams actually - before that, let me get my first wicket though... no further comment ;-)

vishal: who is faster - Ganesh or Johnson?

Srinath: Johnson

nayak: Who would you rate as the best fast bowler?

Srinath: In the world - Wasim Akram, in South Africa - Fanie de Viliers

test1 When are you coming to JCE ( Mysore)- I am an old student of JCE..

Srinath: my next trip to Mysore (laughs)

Ravi: Have you learnt reverse swing lately?

Srinath: you learn it as you keep bowling - experience

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