The pakistani cricketer Shoaib Mohammed was present in IRC #cricket thanks to Shamim Naqvi. He answered some of the questions people had mailed. Unfortunately he did not have enough time to answer all the questions. We thank Shamim Naqvi and Shoaib Mohammed and wish Shoaib Mohammed all the best.
The following is an edited IRC log (only spelling was corrected and format modified). Each question that was answered is attri- buted to the person who gave the question.

question: (Vijay Kumar Misra x4018) Is batting easier now than five years ago, when Marshall, Lillee etc. were in full swing?

shoaib: I have always rated Malcolm Marshall as the best bowler. So definitely life was much more difficult when he was around. Not to forget the swing of Imran Khan and the venom of Thomson and Lillee.

question: (Vijay Kumar Misra x4018) How do you rate Siddhu as an opener?

shoaib: He has performed well as an opener for India and his record speaks for itself. The options India that has for openers for the moment, Siddhu fits in very well.

question: (Vijay Kumar Misra x4018) What do you think about Kapil's retirment, JM's retirement?

shoaib: Javed has a lot of experience and the calibre that he possessed, he can easily be around for another couple of years.
I would like to congratulate Kapil for becoming the highest wick- et taker in the world and India still needs Kapil's bowling ex- perience.

question: Harish ( You are Pak's best opener at the moment. Do you feel that you will be picked for Pak's next series?

shoaib: Thanks for the compliment. I have kept my fingers crossed.

question: (Geoff Bethell) You make 5 hundreds vs NZ, but did not get slected and Atif gets to play. What's going on?

shoaib: I am still wondering about that and don't quite know what hit me!

question: (Sadiq Yusuf); (Manu- vir Das) Who are some of the best bowlers in the world?

shoaib: The 2Ws are very good, Ambrose, Warne appears to be very good but I have not played him, and ditto for Kumble.

question: (Sadiq Yusuf) How do you rate man- inder Singh in 1987?

shoaib: Mani is a good friend and bowled very well in that series.

shoaib: Thanks folks, I am sorry, I have to leave now to take care of some personal business, it is been a really new experi- ence for me to be on IRC and talk to so many people around the Internet. I want to thank Dr. Naqvi for introducing me to this forum. Hopefully next time in the US I will be able to get back on. Bye, and good luck with your computing.

shamim: Thanking all, and sorry for all the errors.

badri: Thanks Shoaib Mohammed and our Thanks to Shamim Naqvi.

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