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  Former South African pace bowler Fanie De Villiers was interviewed at The Wanderers, Johannesburg, on the IRC channel #cricket during a rain interruption in the First Test between South Africa and Pakistan on 15 February 1998. Keith Lane assisted Fanie with the interview, while Jeff Green and Duane Pettet acted as moderators.

Sib: (Essex, UK) Do you feel that the game is at its healthiest in South Africa?

Fanie: Development wise not too many people playing the game, that we have to get to.

Sib: also, what would you have done bowling in the recent sabina park pitch ?

Fanie: laughs, I would have shot the grounds man

Datsuzei (from Japan): I would like to know your immediate goals

Fanie: to retire very soon, to make as much money as possible, and leave the country

Keith: question from Keith, why leave the country?

Fanie: the political situation in the country leaves no future for my kids

Keith: how feel included SA squads

Fanie: It is obvious that bowlers that can bat have to be picked to support the upper order batting.

saurus: do the SA side need a swing bowler like yourself

Fanie: yes, take Alan Donald, and my own strike rates, averaging 5 wickets a game.

Fanie: In the side now are Klusener and Symcox averaging 2 wckts a game , but they are scoring runs to bolster the batting. You need a specialist bowler to get out specialist batsman.

Datsuzei: wishes you luck and asks if you have an interest in coaching or admin of the game?

Fanie: Datsuzei thanks, while I know the players I do not want to do any coaching or admin.

Mercury (in Hong Kong): Do you think that the lack of action by the UBCSA with regard to the Cronje incident is justified.

Fanie: Mercury, The UCBSA are still trying to find out the full story, not having been there there are a lot of conflicting reports. It would appear as if there was no spiking of the door, ....only that the wicket hit it and made a slight dent. Once the full story is at hand, there may be action. Hansie was not reported by anyone, umps, or match referee.

Sam (England): Was "that ball" to Malcolm the least well advised ball in test History?

Fanie: Sam ?? not sure what you asking,,,,the one that hit him onn the head ?

Sam: yes

Fanie: no it was not, as it did, uummm, not hit him hard enough

Parallel (in US): Do fast bowlers hunt in pairs? How important do you think a "bowling partner" is? Who was your favourite "partner"? Why? Your comments on the Indian board spliting up Srinath-Prasad?

Fanie: Hunt in packs yes fact, they create pressure together, and therefor very important. The spliting of srin/pras .... was there not any other reason for the split, injuries etc? Alan Donald was by a long way my most favourite partner.

Keith: keith ... best bowler fanie ?

Fanie: At the moment Shaun Pollock, learning to swing the ball away and bounce makes him lethal.

Keith: Best batter to bowl?

Fanie: Most difficult, Sachin Tendulkar, because he hits fours from very good balls.

Keith: best tour fanie?

Fanie: Australia, fantastic place to tour, clean, healthy, no litter, no inflation, just great place If I was to leave RSA then Australia would be my first choice

Sam: What are SA's prospects in England this Summer?

Fanie: Sam, if they take the correct bowlers they will do very well.... to win a test match 20 wickets have to be taken. I dont include myself in that, if I am still playing then . yes.

JeffGreen: How did the failure to win the final after dominating the early games in Aus affect SA players?

Fanie: They all know that the right bowlers were not taken to Aus. That is an honest feeling from the RSA team

Datsuzei: What countries are you thinking of leaving for?

Fanie: Australia without a doubt

mercury: Was Mark Waugh out?

Fanie: YES, nobody under control hits his own wicket on purpose. At that stage he was not in control, he made the mistake of saying after words that he could not feel his arm, his elbow was lame.

Keith: Fanie you wre involved in the U19 WC, any comments?

Fanie: It was fantastic that a company like MTN came forward with a sponsorship of R 3. million. Without that the incentive for young players would be next to nothing. Now the youngsters have something to look forward too.

Fanie: any more guys

rappo: Why were you not included in this tournament did the ucb tell you?

Fanie: Yes they did, they need batsmen/bowlers to back up the top order, not the UCB but that was the selectors who spoke to me.

Parallel: Q for Fanie: Among the batsmen he didn't bowl to (when SA was banned for eg.) which 5 did he not want to bowl to even if he could :-)?

Fanie: I have never been scared of any batsman, nobody can play away swing with ease easpecially at the Wanderers, got my most swing there.

Panic: a final Q if you have the time ... Any chance for a Black to play in the current series with Pakistan. Who ?

Fanie: Political choice yes may well happen, If you are talking about a African person on merit NO.

Fanie: Thansk for the time guys hope to chat to you again

Keith: Thanks Fanie and all who sent questions

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