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  South African wicketkeeper Dave Richardson retired from international cricket following the completion of South Africa's tour of Australia. He kept wicket in 42 of South Africa's first 43 Tests after their return from exile. He took the time to chat with us on the IRC channel #cricket from the Wanderers, Johannesburg, during the lunch break in the third day's play of the First Test between South Africa and Pakistan on 16 February 1998. Keith Lane assisted Richardson with the interview while Rick Eyre was the moderator.

Rick: I'd like to welcome Dave Richardson, the now-former South African wicket keeper to the channel. He has agreed to talk with us over the lunch break

Dave R: I am Happy to be here

Rick: I will ask the first question: Firstly, congratulations on your long and distinguished career as a player. How difficult was it for you to make the decision to retire?

Dave R: Not that difficult, i just realised during the Aus trip that at times I would wake up and prefer to stay in bed, and perhaps go to the golf course rather than deal with the physical and mental pressures of test cricket, and the injury to my right hip, was proving quite a hinderance, and I felt that I was no longer able to do myself justice.

melvyn_KW: Boucher made a good innnings yesterday...but what do you think of him as a he up to the standard or must he improve ?

Dave R: melvyn ... Boucher is just 20 yrs old, and relatively untried as a keeper. He has got great natural talent, which I am sure he will develop as he gets older and experienced.

Panda: Panda From New Zealand, HI Dave, could you please tell me which of the Current Crop of NZ Bowlers you and the Rest of the RSA team rated as the Best, thanks

Dave R: Panda, It is diff to say as we only played one day cricket against them. In this form of the game and on the slow wickets we encountered, Chris Harris was exceptionally difficult to score off. Of the others, C Cairns and Deon Nash where probably the most feared, and although Vettori did not have much bowling against us he seem to show a lot of promise against the Aus.

Springbok: What do you think of the Mark Waugh decision in Adelaide?

Rick: (this question also came from several other people :-)

Dave R: smile .... I think he was out, but I do recognize that there could have been some doubt in the umps mind, in which case he is obviously entitled to give benefit to the bat.

RealDeal: Who do u think is the worlds best left arm spinner?

Dave R: RealDeal ummmm, Vettori that I have seen looks good, but Phil Tuffnel for me is the best

Protea: How tough was it believing that you may never get the chance to represent South Africa at test level?

Dave R: Protea do you mean never again now, or before in the banned era

Rick: this meaning I presume when South Africa were isolated from world cricket?

Dave R: I always used to say that it was the biggest regret of my career that I did not have the opportunity of not playing international cricket, and at that time never believed that a political solution to RSA problems would come before my retirement from cricket, or in my life time for that matter. I knew the reason behind the ban and accepted them as worthy so although I regretted the opportunity , I never felt bitter. Thankfully that has all changed.

Tr1cky Who is the best bowler youve ever 'kept to????

Dave R: Tr!cky .... ummm, have to say Alan Donald, not only for his pace, but over reason years his accuracy, and he is after all the most successful RSA bowler ever in test cricket.

dfsafa: Do you have any reason why you miss the stumps a lot when underarming it to the wickets in the final overs of a onedayer when the batsman run on your throw?

Dave R: dfsafa, one match in particular, against NZ, where I missed the stumps on 2 occasions, but there have been other matches, where I have been successful often it is not easy throwing accurately with a big wicky glove.

Dave R: Now That I have retired I am going to join a Sports Management company ESPM

redWALL: Dave: Do you think South Africa are the best ODI team in the world at the moment?

Dave R: Iam hesitant to say that RSA are the best. Cricket is a funny game, but ceratinly over the past 18 months we have proved the most successful. On a percentage win lose basis we are at the top

Rick: A supplementary question to the previous left-arm spinner one:

RealDeal: What about Paul Adams?

Dave R: RD I think PA is an exciting prospect, his unusual action makes him difficult to read when you first encounter him, but he still has some work to do, on his accuracy.

^OzBoY^: How do you feel about the Hansie Cronje, stump through umpires door issue?

Dave R: Oz the stump did not go thru the door, it as far as I know just removed a patch of paint. The action is regretted, but the frustration at not being able to secure a win specially with the MW non-dismissal, and dropped catches got the better of him.

Dave R: ok guys thanks for the time, and questions, but the game is about to start again

Rick: thanks for your time Dave

Dave R: At a later time I will try and get here again to answer all the other questions.

Rick: I'll save them up for you :-)

Keith: Dave says at a latter date, he is more than willing to finish this off.

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