Hong Kong International Cricket Sixes

Interview with Kevan James and Andy Pick

Kevan James and Andy Pick, members of the England squad participating in the Hong Kong Sixes talked to us on IRC channel #cricket.

Rohan: ok we are now exclusively with Andy Pick and Kevan James :-) Questions please.

kirren: Rohan ask Kev how come he didn't write that he was going to HK in his newspaper column!

Rohan: *&*&^*&... because I didn't have time, and it'll be in next week, and on local radio tomorrow, Sunday at half past four.

Penfold: Kevan - going to give us a mention?

Rohan: yes, he will do that he says. Will grab some details off me and will do so. (and I willhold him to it now :) )

He also mentioned it in the paper column the week after we spoke to him at Southampton.

Penfold: *smile* another question - I'm curious - who actually *picks* the sixes team?

Rohan: Andy Pick is admiring himself on the giant screen now.

James: Tim Lamb picked it this year, from Lord's. Bit difficult because it coincides with the last round of CC games.

Penfold: You didn't try and convince Hicky to hop on a plane, then?

James: NO. wouldn't get in the side! Brought a team of six-a-side specialist! Hicky doesn't drink enough. We've brought the six biggest drinkers here :-)

James: do we have the latest CC scores?

badri: which county match?

James: Hants vs Notts for starters?

badri: Hants 513-4 declared, Notts 39/1.

Rohan: Andy is not impressed :)

James: who scored the runs?

badri: Smith 161, Kendall 103*, Laney 97, Aymes 38*, White 73.

James: Maiden hundred for Kendall in the CC. Bowling Figures?

badri: Bowen 31-4-120-1, Cairns 19-3-70-0, Tolley 25-5-80-0, Franks 28-9-65-2, Afzaal 6-0-31-1.

James: Franks - championship debut.. 17 year old seamer.

kirren: Andy and Kev: who are your rising talents for the future.

James: Notts haven't got any, says Andy!

kirren: Come on Andy, there must be someone who is quite good?! What about Kev, who at Hampshire is going to take the world by storm?

James: i dunno... will let you know when somebody does! Don't think we really have anybody, to be honest.

Penfold: Next summer's tour by Australia - seems to be 6 tests and three one-dayers. Do you guys think that's the right balance?

Pick: 1 too many Tests... 5 Tests, 5 ODI's is my opinion. Maybe get SL or someone over for the Sixth Test.

Penfold: bearing in mind it's a shade impractical at present (are there any grounds that can take it?), what would you think of one of the one day competitions in Engand becoming day-nighters?

James: Well, the only time it's practical, it doesn't get dark till 10pm anyway.

Rohan: ok, the England bus is leaving soon, so they need to wander back and find their way home or at least they hope so.

Penfold: Thanks guys - best of luck in the rest of the tournament.

Date-stamped : 07 Oct1998 - 04:33