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  Majid Khan played 63 Tests for Pakistan between 1964 and 1983 and was captain on XXX occasions. He has held many adminstrative and managerial roles in Pakistani cricket snce his retirement as a player, culminating in his current position as Chief Executive Officer of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). He spent some time with us on the IRC channel #crickettalk live from Lahore on 9 November 1997. Suhael Ahmed assisted Mr Khan with the interview while Ravi Sista was the moderator.

Ravi: Welcome to #cricket/#crickettalk Mr. Majid

Amol: (Chicago, USA ) Mr Khan, was Salim Mallik dropped on poor performance? He looked to be batting well in Toronto. Do you think he has a chance tomake it back into the side?"

MajidK: It is the selectors who dropped him and they are the people who can bring him back.

shub: (Pittsburgh, USA): Majid, how would you compare RSA and Lanka as ODI teams?

MajidK: RSA is a team who plays cricket with a modern technology, they may not be the most attractive side like SL but the take full advantage of modern tech, think out and observe each players technique and make their strategy accordingly. SL are a team with a flair expressing themselves on the field, an attractive side and well knitted by the best Captain in the world, Ranatunga and showed us last night how to defend well, a small total.

JeffGreen: (from UK) Does he not think Pakistan have played too many ODI's this year Should the number of Official ODIs not be limited to, say, twice the number of tests to avoid devaluing the product?

MajidK: This season we are playing half the ODIs which we played last season and playing twice the tests played last year. We have balanced the matches and I think this is the best balance around 11 tests and 20 odd ODIs

Rick: (from Newcastle, Australia) Q: Have you been following the dispute between the Australian Cricket Board and the players union? Could such a situation occur in Pakistan?

MajidK: I have not been following but have some idea about the dispute, hopefull we might not see a situation like that in Pakistan

Kapil: (From Ottawa, Canada:) "Dont you think youngsters like Kabir, Naqvi or Hasan Raza have been introduced too early? Specially Kabir and Raza?"

MajidK: No I dont think so, our cricket system is such that youngsters get an opp to play against the top players in the ountry and show thei prowess which helps the selectors to give them an opp to show their class at the top level and not many youngsters have failed to grab the opportunity.

shub: Majid, what's wrong with Saeed Anwar's batting at the moment in you ropinion?

MajidK: Basically he is a nervous person and that pressure is affecting his technique and this is hampering him in getting into form.

Bhim: (From St. Louis, USA) Q: Dear Majid, when was your first match against India? How did you do in that test? What is your best innings against India or any country?

MajidK: First match was in Pak in the 78-79 series against India, like my career I have very poor performance against India, I only scored two or three 50's in 8 or 9 tests I think

Ravi: (From Ruston, USA)We miss the good old India-Pakistan that India visited Pak and Pak visited India for their respective Independence cups, is there any chance of reviving the test series..there was news about having a 5 test series early 99 before the world cup..Is it still on? are the BCCI and PCB keen on making this happen?

MajidK: Yes the 1999 series is still on. We will be going to India to play a full 5 test series against them, not only test series are being revived, the India A team is visiting Pak this coming Feb March and we are looking to exchange tours at the under 19, A team levels and full tours.

Kapil: Basit was supposed to be very talented. What went wrong? How do you rate his chance to make a comeback in a year or so?

MajidK: Yes he was a very talented player, technically correct, he can come back provided he puts up big scores in Domestic First class cricket which he hasnt been doing in the last couple of years

Kapil: considering Mehmood's success, do you wnat him bat higher the order as a regular batsman (alrounder?).

MajidK: He has proved himself as a asset to the team in both departments. I hope the team management puts him up in a higher batting position than he is at the moment

JeffGreen: Does he feel that Pakistan has benefitted from its test cricketers playing overseas in fc cricket in particular how should the likes of Waqar and Wasim balance the demands on their time

MajidK: County cricket has been a great benefit to Pakistan and its players. Players themselves should know how to balance the demands of playing all the year round

Badri: (From Chennai, India) The Pakistan team in the recent time has seen too many captains. Ex. captains still play in the current team. How does that affect the morale of the team?

MajidK: Only this year there have been two captains and the reason was Wasim Akram had his shoulder operated and Rameez was leading the side in his place. As a captain Rameez performed extremely well with a side which was deprived of the top players. There was a time that he would have retained his Captaincy but his form got in the way. Saeed Anwar, took his place before Wasim came in and it was obvious that once Wasim is there he would step down

Rick: Congratulations on your son being named captain of the Under 19 team. Does it concern you that some people may see this as favouritism towards a member of your immediate family?

MajidK: It does not concern me at all because I was in a similar position during my Fathers time and there have been a number of instance when sons have played when their fathers were selectors, Mudassar Nazar, Shoaib Muhammad. It depends on the ability of a family member how good he is to retain his position and perform

krish: (From Ottawa, Canada) Q. Pakistan's batting has this slightly frail look to it. How much do you think shuffling the batting order constantly has contributed to this? The pick-drop-pick policy isn't exactly helping either, as in the cases of Mohd. Wasim and to an extent Hasan Raza, Elahi etc.

MajidK: Selectors have experimented with the younger lot because they are looking for a combination which will carry Pak through to the World Cup. It now is up to the youngsters to make a permanent place for themselves. Anyway this is a process of elimination and adjustment which goes on all over the world

Kapil: when India last visited Pakistan (the Wills tourney) which players impressed you the most? Indian players that is.

MajidK: The Indian team has brought in lots of youngsters who are very imprssive and with experience I am sure will become top players in international cricket. to name just two, Dravid and Ganguly stand out.

Amol: "Mr Khan, the Inzamam incident in Toronto. Did you think a 2 match suspension was sufficient punishment for his action? Has there been any inquiry into a teammate bringing a bat out before the incident - i.e. it appears as if it was premeditated?

MajidK: The match referee representing ICC thought it was sufficient and there was no official correspondence to us about the team mate bring out a bat. Hence, there is no inquiry.

Amol: Did the PCB consider any action by itself?

MajidK: Yes he was reprimanded by me

Badri: What measures is PCB taking to bring the domestic cricket in Pakistan the kind of following County Cricket in England enjoys?

MajidK: The present system of first class cricket in Pakistan is a unique system from the rest of the cricketing world. There are two first class competitions which are based upon institutional teams and associations. We are trying to strengthen the associations thru monetary help and individual sponsorships. We hope this will lead to a blending of the institutional and association teams into a one team and come in line with the rest of the world

eds: (From HongKong) and later, perhaps another question: Do you think the captain should have a vote in the selection committee? Why?

MajidK: Captain is co-opted member of the selection committee and his advice is considered before finalizing the team.

Jbgonsal: (Philly, USA) Does Waqar's form concern you? Compared to Pollock he did not look good.

MajidK: Yes it does concern us

krish: Q. In spite of the general lack of a proper domestic system, Pakistan continues to come up with a lot of amazing talent, what would you attribute this to? Also, in spite of the relatively dead picthes, there's a lot of fast bowling talent. What do you think are the main reasons?

MajidK: There is nothing wrong with the domestic system, as I previously said it is unique system. What we lack is the basic infrastucture, the base of cricket in Pak like all other countries are the clubs. Shortage of grounds, high cost of equipment is holding back the development of players at the grass root. I have always believed that Pakistanis are the most talented lot in ball playing games with all the drawbacks we still end up depending on the talent only. Talking about dead pitches, I personally feel if there are more playing fields accomodating all clubs and associations the character of our pitches will definitely improve by being used far less than they are at the present moment

dj: (From Melbourne, Australia)In your opinion, who are todays best cricketers and how do they rank against the cricketers of the past?

MajidK: My opinion is that you cannot compare players of a different era, cricket over 150 years has been changing in charcater, technique and strategy so comparison becomes very difficult all great players if put thru a time machine in any era I believe would have done extremely well

Rick: Q: How much assistance is the PCB giving to Bangladesh in preparing for future Test status?

MajidK: Presently we are morally assisting them in a very near future, a development officer of ICC will be in place who's duty will be to develop programs for umpires, coaches, groundsmen in countries like B'desh, Malaysia, Singapore to help bring them along for international cricket.

Kapil: RSA (Bob Woolmer) uses computer to store and analyze asll sorts of stats to take advantage of opponent's weakness. Whats your opinion on that? Do you think thats really useful?

MajidK: The day technology was used to promote cricket, it was obvious that this modern technology would be used to help teams in working out strategies. Bob Woolmer is the pioneer.

mercury: (From HongKong) Question. It seems that in spite of all the talent the Pakistan side has, they seem to reserve their best only when they play against India. Losses to Sri Lanka and South Africa in tests in Pakistan are only some recent examples. Your thoughts?

MajidK: Yes they are our friendly neighbours and the competition against neighbours is always fierce

krish: Majid Khan c Kallicharran b Croft 81 -- Do you remember this one?:)

MajidK: Was this the WC79 if it was I do remember it

Ravi: and yes, it was the world cup 79

WasimAkram: Q: How would you rate the Pakistan team at the moment in a 1-10 scale? Why?

MajidK: I would say in sixth position with Aus, RSA, SL not necessarily in that order but these three are more consistent than Pak has been

dealer: (From Maryland, USA) majid....your century vs eng in that 1974 odi was one of the first ever centuries in odi cricket...with all the odis that have been played over the last 2 you view it as a landmark in your career? what was your mindset when you carried out that innings?? i ask this because i personally feel that pakistan's successful chase in that odi was ahead of it's time...and the same applies to your century

MajidK: That was the only 100 I scored in an ODI so one can't say it was a landmark, anyway I personally was not very intersted in one dayers at that time, the chase in that odi was not a planned one as is donwe in the present day odis. The target the England team set of over 250 was a big target in those times.

dealer: exactly was way ahead of it's was truly incredible and you scored it in 42 overs if i recall correctly

MajidK: Could we have the last question please as I must run to a Meeting even on a Sunday!

Ravi: ok..last question coming up

uday: (From Pittsburgh, USA) "Which innings of yours do you remember most fondly?"

MajidK: I remember my innings of 1980 at Karachi against Australia on a real turner, which won us the game

Ravi: Thanks a lot for your time Majid..we hope to see you again here :-)

MajidK: Thank you I enjoyed it and hope to see all of you again, Bye from Lahore

Ravi: Bye and thanks to all of you who asked the questions..

CricInfo Interactive thanks QDO.COM for providing the facilities which made this interview possible.

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