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  Paul Adams, Shaun Pollock and Pat Symcox, from the South African team currently touring Pakistan, dropped in for an interview on IRC channel #cricket on 4 November 1997 before net practice on a rest day during the Golden Jubilee Quadrangular one-day tournament in Lahore. Suhael Ahmed assisted the players with the interview while Rick Eyre was the moderator.

Rick: I would like to welcome some of the members of the South African team to #cricket today. Pat Symcox, Shaun Pollock, and Paul Adams

Ros: Howzit Pat, Shaun, Paul - welcome to #cricket

stemmo: Welcome boys

RSA-Players: Hello all from Shaun, Pat and Paul in lahore

Ros: Pat - before you left for Pak, you were telling us about your idea for batters to "adopt" bowlers and give them some personal attentioan at nets. Is this happening? Congratulations to your batting coach if it is! He clearly knows what he's doing!

Pat Symcox: Yes it is happening- Mine is Jonty! Look how well he did last nite- he is also learning how to slog- all he needs to now to enjoy a 'Castle'

stemmo: hehe

stemmo: to Paul Adams --> will you be poking your tongue out at Warne again this summer? :-)

Paul Adams: It was fun at the time now I am a little bit more serious.

aviv: Pat i like your approach to the game,i mean you are one of those guys who enjoys eveything on the field,its indeed amazing for a man of your age to be fit & still have the motivation to perform. what is the secret for it pat?

Pat Symcox: Shaun's clean living rubbing off on me!

Ros: Shaun's and not Jonty's clean living? :-)

DM: Shaun: are you disappointed that the tour of Aus is limited to 3 Tests, meaning you won't get use of the famous Perth fast bowling pitch?.

Shaun Pollock: Not really, I am sure MCG would be quick enough.

sat: a question for paul - is sa holding you as a secret weapon for the later stages

Paul Adams: Time will tell

stemmo: to Pat Symcox: your form has been good and you're probably the number two offspinner in the world behind Saqlain right now...when you do see yourself retiring Pat?

Pat Symcox: Saqlain who?...

stemmo: hehe

aviv: shaun i want to know who are the batsman you hate bowling to ,ie if there are any?

Shaun Pollock: Pat in the nets for a start, Brian Lara, Jay, Inzi. They all have their good days

DM: Paul: does it hurt your back to bowl like that? :-)

Paul Adams: No it does not hurt. To bowl like what?

Rohan: Shaun - you've had a great time with the ball in the ODI's so far... yesterday you came up against a great batsman, apparently in great form... a word or two about Carl Hooper please? :-)

Shaun Pollock: Hoops is a fine player, one of the most elegant to ever watch and he uses great equipment (Slaz/one for the sponsors!)

ike: could you ask pat if he stills smoke and if wil he quit?

Pat Symcox: Having a puff right now and there is no end in sight!

Blackspid: To Shaun: I see most of the Natal attack is in the touring party, who's holding the fort, anyone we should expect to see making the jump to national honours in the near future?

Shaun Pollock: There is a couple youn good upcoming players back home, keep a watch for name Gilder

DM: to all: how is the team looking forward to playing at Sydney again? A lot of us Aussies are wanting revenge...

RSA-Players: We are looking forward to the challenge, Sydney is a great spot

aviv: pat why is it that you keep talking to your self so much on the field, i mean you curse your self too sometimes, & you wont mind a verbal duel once in a while, does all this give you the xtra punch to u?

Pat Symcox: Yes it keeps me going

sat: whats the success of sa's phenomenal success in one dayers - is it the no of allrounders

RSA-Players: Yes definitely

aviv: shaun do you have any specific stratergies to bowl to sachin,i mean i dont remember having seen sachin sort you out in the ODI's.

Shaun Pollock: I have got a strategy but I'll have to check it up in my black book before we play him next.

* Ros wonders what else is in Shaun's little black book....

Shaun Pollock: Ros: That wud be telling!

ddyte: How do they think Zim are progressing and whether they will lose to Zim one day.

RSA-Players: Zim are getting better by the day and with their new SA import will get even better (Huckle)

aviv: shaun what role has your great father played in your remakable career so far?

Shaun Pollock: Pretty BIG he supplied the genes and then as convenor he selected me.

stemmo: to Pat: what are your plans after Australia beat you 3-0 in the Test series in the New Year?

Pat Symcox: What are you smoking!

stemmo: wattle :-)

Tib: On a social level, how are the players enjoying the return of Fanie to the squad?

RSA-Players: He introduces a different perspective (fun in Afrikaans)

JohnCleese: Paul : Did you get to talk to Abdul Qadir for some tips?

Paul Adams: No have not

aviv: shaun i am a huge donald fan, i am curious to know if you get to know some secrets of the trade from him?

Shaun Pollock: Obviously he helps me where he can and just to watch him is an inspiration.

kenny: all three,how does it feel to chase 293 and still win?

RSA-Players: GREAT!

Ros: General question for all three: Do you think there is too much one-day cricket being played these days, as opposed to Test cricket? Which do you guys enjoy more?

RSA-Players: Test cricket is still the proper form of cricket but excitement for the spectators you cant beat ODIs

RSA-Players: BeachBabe talk to us !!

stemmo: lads are getting frisky? :-)

RSA-Players: Its been a long tour!

stemmo: hehe

JohnCleese: Pat : During the second session in the first test, when you were bowling, I thought Cronje made a tactical error in not bringing on Big Mac ( Donald had 3 overs). Youhad a 3-6 field and had tied down the batsmen. This I felt was the turning point of the game and a couple more wickets would've made a difference. What do you feel?

Pat Symcox: JC you know your cricket. Thanks- it was very hot and Big mac has the ability to break partnerships

aviv: pat any comments on the issue btw you & jadeja in the mumbai mohinder benifite odi match?

Pat Symcox: No lets leave it lie.

nayak: for Shaun and Pat pls: In the game against Pakistan did you ever feel that Pakistan may sneak in a win (this is towards the end)?

RSA-Players: Once the run rate got near 10 we thought we were in control

aviv: where do you like playing more in india or in pakistan

RSA-Players: In Pakistan we tend to win more

Rohan: Paul in particular: looking back to the First Test when Australia toured South Africa, Steve Waugh and Greg Blewett had a massive partnership to set up a resounding victory for Australia. I remember though in particular that you had them in plenty of trouble, finding the edge of both their bats a couple of times early on.. (inspired maybe by being hit on the helmet by Glenn McGrath!). We all know about Steve Waugh, but Greg Blewett has been in and out of the Australian side He scored a big 200 there, and has one of the classiest cover drives in the business.. but is said to be a little weak against spin.. Do you see him as a major threat in the forthcoming series, and how highly do you rate him as a batsman in general?

Paul Adams: Greg is a good player but I dont think he is any bigger threat than any of the others.

RDM: Why is it that Andrew Hudson (who I think is an excellent 5 day player) is only considered for the odi's. Everyone has always said the he makes his runs slowly and he is a classic stroke player.

RSA-Players: Thats a question for the selectors, we are his team mates.

Deon: : Morning Mr_Symcox, great innings in the Test - I have to admit, that put a smile on everyones faces. Question : Much has been said domestically about Derek Crookes' gripe with Natal (and you) about his playing style, you're a known hardman and "pitch commentator" - any inside info on what you're going to tell him when Natal Dolphins meet the Gauteng Whatever in any of the domestic finals ??

Pat Symcox: I am sad he left Natal because he is a fine player. Unfortunately when we meet again we will be in opposition. Hopefully we can still be friends off the field. I wish him well at Gauteng.

nayak: for all three (esp for for Shaun) how do you plan to keep Jayasuriya tied down in the 1st 15 overs?

RSA-Players: Hopefully get him out quickly!

RSA-Players: Where is BeachBabe?

stemmo: to all: have any of you had a look at the Cricinfo website, and if so, what do you think?

RSA-Players: Just did and we are very impressed

aveguy: I love Craig Matthews. Brenda wants to know when he will be back in action for SA ?

RSA-Players: He is in RSA practicing hard

Talitha: for Shaun Pollock: What do you hope to achieve in the season ahead?

Shaun Pollock: To improve in all aspects of my game and hopefully develop into a better allrounder (Symmo-"on and off the field")

RDM: For all of you : As bowlers - who is your least favourite and most favourite batsmen to bowl to (Shaun I know yours is the Pakistani front line :)) and, as batsmen - who is your least favourite bowler?

RSA-Players: Paul: Brian Lara and Sachin. Symmo: Hansie. Shaun: Any test cricketer in good form

BeachBabe: (Shaun) Are you allowed to query short overs bowled to you? One umpire seemed to have a problem counting to six :))

Shaun Pollock: If I am bowling in an ODI I prefer short 5 ball overs!

chasing: Do you guys think that the final may be between you and Sri Lanka - and do you think you will win ?

RSA-Players: Yes, the toss will be important

mayan: for shaun pls : shaun did you ever expect to get 3 wickets in your opening over against pakistan, and what were your feelings after the third wicket fell?

RSA-Players: No I didn't but the feeling once it happened was great.

nayak: Follow-up Q on Jayasuriya: I meant he is known to massacre the best of bowling attacks, where do plan to attack him as he is pretty stong on both sides of the wicket?

RSA-Players: That will be giving away our team tactics!

BeachBabe: Can the players please tell us about their lucky charms, if they have any?

RSA-Players: Sym: St Christopher worn round my neck given to me by my wife many years ago. Paul: Oakleys Shaun: I have not got any.

vvsl: question for Shaun: Shaun, seeing you play for hte past 1-2 yrs, i've become a fan of yours. I enjoyed your bowling in the test and the OD against Pak; however, when are you going to concentrate on batting and become a true all-rounder ?

Shaun Pollock: Believe it or not I have been working on my batting for quite some time.

RDM: To Pat : As a Natal Boy myself - I have always enjoyed your style of play (both bowling and batting), what are you plans for the future?

RSA-Players: RDM: To play as long as possible and then to put something back into cricket, hopefully via admin

RSA-Players: RDM: From Pat: Yes admin and admin only!

Ros: Mark Boucher was called up when Richardson got injured. Do you guys think he's the right person to fill Dave's gloves once he retires?

RSA-Players: have not seen enough of him to comment

mayan: to all RSA players : it seems that the final will most likely be between sa and sl. if you do happen to win (which all south africans know is going to happen!) then what celebrations do you have planned?

RSA-Players: Support our sponsor in a big way!

Rick: OK, that's all the time we have today. I would like once again to thank Pat Symcox, Paul Adams and Shaun Pollock for taking the time to talk with us today.

BeachBabe: bye guys.... see you soon :)))

RSA-Players: BeachBabe: Where

BeachBabe: At the beach.... or cricket... of course :)))))

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