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  Saeed Anwar is one of the leading batsmen in the world today. He has appeared in 27 Tests for Pakistan (including five as captain), but it is in 140 one-day internationals that he has achieved his greatest successes, including 14 centuries and a world record score of 194. He took some time out from his preparations for the Bangladesh Silver Jubilee Cup to chat to us on the IRC channel #cricket, live from Lahore on 5 January 1998. Questions were accepted via the live chat channel and via email. Suhael Ahmed assisted Saeed in the interview while Naren Arcot (arcturus on IRC) was the moderator.

arcturus: On behalf of Cricinfo and IRC #cricket, I welcome Saeed Anwar

Suhael1: Saeed Anwar is now here in Gulberg lahore

arcturus: Thank you Mr Anwar for your time in offering this interview

Saeed Anwar: Its nice to be here

amitabh ilango: In your opinion, who would you rate as the top 3 most talented batsman (excluding yourself) in the world ? And why ?

Saeed Anwar: Arvinda, Inzamam and Mark Waugh are my selection according to current performance

Milkyway: Would you accept the Pakistan captaincy if it was offered?

Saeed Anwar: No, not now.

Dolfie: do you believe that Pakistan will be in shape for the '99 world cup?

Saeed Anwar: Yes we are trying new players. Our bowling is the best, we just need a couple of good batsmen which we are looking for

Arun Chandrasekaran: How do you rate shane warne, saqlain mushtaq, anil kumble, pat symcox, muttiah muralitharan ?? whom do you think is the best?

Saeed Anwar: I think they are all good bowlers on their day, but i will rate Shane and Saqlain as the best.

tush: my question is "hi saeed, u are only 3 100s away from equalling Des Haynes' record of max no. of ODI 100s, do u ever think of that?"

Saeed Anwar: I do know about it but records are not in my book. I just want my country to win with my batting.

aloo: which bowler have you found the most difficult to face?

Saeed Anwar: Recently, Courtney Walsh and over the years Ambrose, Donald and McGrath

burney:: where do u like batting most, i mean the ground

Saeed Anwar: Obviously home but also India and Australia,

trev and abel: When, you made 194 in the 1day match. How many balls did you face?, how many sixes did you hit?, and how and who got you out. Congratulations on your world record.

Saeed Anwar: I faced 148 balls, five sixes and 22 fours. Sachin got me out, caught Ganguly. Thanks.

Toby from Sydney, Australia: Have you used the Internet much? Have you ever followed matches live using it?

Saeed Anwar: Yes I use the Internet and spend most of the time after cricket on it!

ammar: What role do you think the media plays in promoting a player? As in shane warne's case, one feels that the media deplete the other sides confidence

Saeed Anwar: It plays a major role cos cricket is a mental and pressure game.

Muneeb Khan: What do you think of the new revolutionary changes in the team about the new captain and new players?

Saeed Anwar: It is up to the selectors and they are trying to make a team for the WC99.

Cheeko: We have one of the best cricket team in the world, but our players dont apply efforts, why dont u people make it as a team work just as sri lanka do ?

Saeed Anwar: We lack some in physical fitness. The amount of cricket that has been played now is taking its toll on us. We are trying to cope up with it and in the near future we will be best again. Inshallah.

Muhammad Ahsan from Lahore: In Bangalore match in World Cup match we lost, was in pressure? or what?

Saeed Anwar: Yes I think it was pressure.

Chris Pope: What goes through your mind when you face someone like graham gooch, are you scared of getting out to such a bowler ?

Saeed Anwar: Yes this is true, one has to be more careful with part time bowlers. Batsmen tend to relax and often get out.

Mak__: Salam, Do you help Afridi improve his batting?

Saeed Anwar: Yes I try to but he is a pathan so it will take time! :-)

Gautam: What is your next goal SaeedA?

Saeed Anwar: TO WIN THE 99 WC and beat RSA in South Africa! how do u manage to reach most of your landmarks with a spectacular shot i.e. four or a six, which is pretty risky!! even in u'r knock of 194 most of ur milestones came up with such shots and even u got out while attemping a hit. dont u worry about getting out?

Saeed Anwar: I always go positive and dont think of failures. So when you are posuitive things come your way.

Ravi Nandan asks curiously: Saeed: Why did Wasim step down from captaincy ?

Saeed Anwar: I think he wanted to relax a bit from cricket. He just has a few years of cricket in him which he wants to enjoy. But I think he will probably be back as capatain.

Sami ur Rahman: What is the most important thing for youngsters to learn right from the beginning

Saeed Anwar: Its Three D'd: Dedication, devotion and determination. Lastly believe in yourself and believe in God.

Ahsan: are you healthy and fit completely for playing for Pakistan?

Saeed Anwar: Yes, By the Grace of Allah.

Hasan Naqvi: I wanted to ask if you would keep involved in cricket after retirement and when are you going to score your first triple century.

Saeed Anwar: No I would not be involved in cricket and I want to Inshallah, soon score a triple century.

Keith in South Africa: Welcome Saeed, Do you have a set plan for batting in ODI's and if so does the plan change a lot for the Tests?

Saeed Anwar: Yes but these days it is getting difficult for all the players to switch from ODIs to tests and you can see that you dont often see double centuries these days.

Antint: Thanks for joining us. What do you prefer playing - Tests or One-day Internationals?

Saeed Anwar: Both!

Anirox: name the batsmen you admire in the world

Saeed Anwar: In good form, Brian Lara.

Salam: Who do u think can be the best captain for Pakistan Cricket team at the moment ?

Saeed Anwar: Could be anyone and you can't tell unless you give somebody a chance

gavagai from South Africa: where is your favourite place to tour internationally, why?

Saeed Anwar: I like South Africa and Australia because people are real cricket followers and they appreciate whoever plays better. The countries are nice as well.

Pramod Koshy: What do you think of India's new medium pacers? Mohanty and Harvinder?

Saeed Anwar: Mohanty is looking good and he can swing the ball and with expoerience will become a better bowler.

Sourabh Bafna: Saeed do u think Imran is a major force to boost your career?

Saeed Anwar: Yes. In fact for the whole team.

M.Aslam Kiyabdeen: What do you think about the Sri-Lankan cricket team? How do you react to the sacking of Sachin?

Saeed Anwar: Sri Lanka are a good ODI team. Sachin is a great player and I think it is better for him to play as a player and get some experience and then he will be able to lead India in the future.

Mohammad Ayaz Sheikh: do u not personally think that Azhar Mahmood is a batsman worth sending at # 5 or 6 than 9?

Saeed Anwar: Yes he is a batsman who can play at number 5 or 6.

Mak_: your favorite stroke?

Saeed Anwar: My favourite is a cut shot.

Sourabh bafna: whom do u prefer to open with AFRIDI or SOHAIL

Saeed Anwar: Aamer is a better player but on his day Afridi can play better than anybody.

Milkway: Would you sacrifice your county cricket schedule for Pakistan team or like Waqar, Mushi and others?

Saeed Anwar: Playing for Pakistan is my first priority.

Haseeb: Do u have any fear playing in India ( crowd )

Saeed Anwar: No they are all very nice,

Antint: Is betting a problem in international matches?

Saeed Anwar: Yes. One days are being played so much and this game has become like soccer. So people are really betting on it.

haleema dheen: assalamulkaikum, why is the pcb ruining the cricket of Pakistan, by dropping salim malik, basit ali, wasim akram and others

Saeed Anwar: You should ask the Pakistan Board.

Colitis: "Sledging has been in the news a bit lately...are there any opponents you remember for their GOOD nature on the field?"

Saeed Anwar: The West Indian bowlers, specially Walsh and Donald of RSA are great sportsmen.

Rehan Quereshi: do u fast if a match comes across the ramadan month?

Saeed Anwar: No not on a match day.

ammar: why do you think Inzi has not been able to perform at his best?? What is his true potential?

Saeed Anwar: He can be the best player in the world and he needs to just work on his fitness more.

Jonty: which team as a whole is the toughest to beat

Saeed Anwar: Australia.

Syed Jawad Ahmed: Saeed bhai! i am ur very big fan and always prays for u.I would like to ask one question that dont u think Pakistani cricket team just need a good coach and a sharp captain? Now all teams r playing oneday cricket with planning(like S.A.). Pakistan has so much talent but we need just a good coach and good planner.I think combination of Rashid latif and cricket legand JAved Miandad will be good.. Your opinions please :-)

Saeed Anwar: Yes you are absolutely right. PCB are working on hiring a foreign coach.

Aniroxpl: what has been the most disappointing moment for you till now in your career?

Saeed Anwar: Not winning the WC 1996 despite having the best team.

ammar: Do you take interest in writing and do you like S Waugh write diaries on tour? Do you plan to become a commentater in the distant future?

Saeed Anwar: Yes there is a chance. I dont keep a diary though.

Sourabh: why does your cricket go on top of the world in sharjah?

Saeed Anwar: Because luck favours me a lot in Sharjah.

Alok Dubey: Do you think that change of leadership every now and then is good for Pakistan cricket?

Saeed Anwar: No comments!

ronnie singh: What is your opinion of Hasan Raza's future ? thanks

Saeed Anwar: He is talented but will need a lot of work on his technique.

"Roving" Eye: What do you think about India and Pakistan playing test matches with each other on home ground each? For instance, a five test series with 2 in India, 2 in Pakistan and 1 in a neutral ground. Do you believe that it will help to

Saeed Anwar: We should play series on reciprocal basis. Say five in india nad five in pakistan.

burney: Saeed your home ground in national stadium karachi right do you like playin there

Saeed Anwar: Yes I do.

Kirk: do u expect to win the Bangla cup with the present team?

Saeed Anwar: Yes we will try our best. Next and final q please as I have to go and practice.

Sourabh: what do u think about the idea of separate teams in tests and odi's

Saeed Anwar: I dont think it is a great idea because a team means a team and changes often cause instability.

Saeed Anwar: Thank you it was nice being here

arcturus: Thank you much for your time Saeed Anwar. We wish success for the future and hope to see you again on IRC #cricket/Cricinfo.

Keith: Saeed, thank you very much for your time, may you have a good cricketing year in 1998

Saeed Anwar: Thank you

Our thanks to the Pakistan Cricket Board for making this interview possible.

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