Hong Kong International Cricket Sixes

Interview with Robin Singh

Robin Singh, the Trinidadian born, Tamil Nadu allrounder is with the Indian side participating in the Hong Kong International Cricket Sixes. He toured with the Indian side to his home country but has not been selected to play for India again. Here he is, talking to Rohan Chandran, the CricInfo's correspondent in Hong Kong, and cricket fans in IRC undernet channel #cricket.

Rahul: We have Robin Singh with us now.

Robin: fire away chaps.

Ravi: Robin: What exactly went wrong after the 89 Windies tour?

mohan: Robin: You started with lot of promise, some reporters even said you were the next great hope after Kapil Dev. The what went wrong?

Robin: If people stopped playing politics...

mohan: Can you elaborate a bit?

Robin: I think, two years ago, maybe I should have played for India... Still, I have a chance with the Challengers coming up - it is anybody's guess.

WGG: Robin: Can you tell us a bit about the indian team for the 6's?

Robin: We have Sanjay Manjrekar who is leading the side. Atul Wassan, former Indian fast bowler, Rajesh Chauhan, off spinnner, Sairaj Bahutule, leg spinner-cum-batsman. Atul Bedade, left handed hard hitting batsman, Salil Ankola is here too - fastbowler and myself... all-rounder.

Rohan: and star fielder, might I add.

Robin: Maninder Singh as an Umpire.

ddyte: India are in the same group as Pakistan, a match sure to be well followed here on the net at least. Is there added pressure against Pakistan, even in the 6s?

Robin: Not really in the Sixes, it's anybody's game. Just depends on the day. There is no real pressure in this tournament.

Penfold: Do you consider the 6's a bit of a lottery, then?

Robin: The tournament is getting bigger, more popular, better sides are coming out. There is prize money at stake. We will definitely take it seriously and be looking to win. I have played in 3 six a side tournaments and we have won all three sofar. So I have a good idea what it is about.

Bhim: Robin: One days first, Super 8's... Now 6's... what next? :-)

Robin: Double wicket maybe, Bhim - but that's already there, isn't it?

mohan: In your opinion, are these new versions good for cricket in general? Don't you think they will harm the traditional test cricket (and now semi-traditional one-day cricket :-)

Robin: I think the crowds must love it. It's no real threat to the game at all. More for the crowd really, a little more relaxed than normal cricket.

Penfold: And the obvious followup: are the likes of India and Pakistan playing too much one-day cricket?

Robin: I think they should probably have just played 3 games in Canada now, for example. Wickets aren't good enough for 5. But the boards make a lot of money out of it...

chandra: Robin: What do you say about the current Indian team? Good for all types of cricket?

Robin: I think they can make a few changes, probably need another good medium pacer and a good opener, maybe 2.

Dukeyness: Robin: Greetings from South Africa. What do you think of South Africa as defending champions [of Hong Kong 6s]? Do you think we will win it again ?

Robin: Difficult to know in Sixes, Dukey. SA seem to have a good side, but you can't say. More than anything else, in Sixes you need people who can bowl well.

chandra: Robin: Even though the batting line is strong, it is brittle. Can you name a few who can be good test plyers?

Robin: chandra: VVS Laxman is on the verge. He is probably one of the most promising I have seen in India. I think Rahul [Dravid] has got the right attitude to do well, as well as Saurav. I think with a little more experience, people like Sunil Joshi and Venkatesh Prasad can really do well.

Basically more than anything else they need to persist with people. If you give one or two chances, it is no good. The standard of India is not as good as 5 or 6 years ago. It is tough to find bowlers. We are struggling to find a third medium pacer now. Good legspinner in Madras - Balaji Rao. He is very good.

WGG: Do you change your bowling tactics for 6's?

Robin: Got to bowl to the stumps. Make sure you don't give wides and no balls. Don't want to give any extra runs.

Yorlik: Robin: have you played/ watched Chris Harris bowling?

Robin: I've seen him.

Yorlik: Robin: in your opinion, is he a legspinner?

Robin: On astro turf though you can't say anything. He keeps mixing it up.

vvsl: Robin: what do you think of Murali Karthik ?

Robin: This guy is good - I forgot him earlier. I saw him once. Maninder [Singh] says he is about the best left hand spinner in India at the moment. They have asked him to play for Madras, but he has refused - because too much politics. If he can handle the pressure, he can play for India.

vvsl: Robin: how would he compare against Nilesh Kulkarni considering both are prospects ?

Robin: Not much of a comparison. Kulkarni is okay, but he has a long way to go.

Date-stamped : 07 Oct1998 - 04:33