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Previous interview with Javagal Srinath, 23 December 1996

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Indian paceman Javagal Srinath granted an interview during the Hong Kong Sixes Tournament on 27 September 1997.   This was his first appearance after a shoulder injury sent him home while India was touring the West Indies. He was assisted at the keyboard by Rohan Chandran, and the channel was moderated by Ravi Sista.

bipin:  Is the real Srinath in commetary box ???

Srinath:  Yes, Javagal Srinath here

gana:   Hi Srinath! Great to have you here

Mynn:  Srinath: how's the shoulder now?

bipin:  Srinath: Do You think Your shoulder injury is over now??

Srinath:  yeah, my shoulders getting better, much better than what it was before

Srinath:  at least I've been able to bowl now

Srinath:  but at least 70 to 80 per cent

shariq:   Srinath, do you think you are faster than Waqar Younis?

bakait:  now now shariq, don't be naughty

Srinath:  shariq:  I wish I could be faster than him, but he can bowl faster than anyone in this world

India:  Hello Javagal!! Do u remember me!! I am Dr. Khalid Razvi from New Zealand

Srinath:  Dr Khalid, I do remember you, very good afternoon to you wherever you are, probably you are in Hamilton right now

picki:  Will you be playing in India against Sri Lanka....

Srinath:  Hopefully I will be playing against Sri Lanka in India

bakait:  When are you leaving for Aus?

bipin:   srinath:  When are you going to Aus for fitness training

Srinath:   I'm leaving for Australia on the first of October

gana:  Srinath, comment on India's performace in Sahara Cup

Srinath:  gana:  Indians have done well in the Sahara Cup, 4-1 is quite a convincing victory, hope they can continue this in Pakistan as well

LiveComm:  Who is the batsman Srinath hates/fears bowling to the most, and why ?

Srinath:   When somebody's not really bowling well, probably any batsman is dangerous.. There are a lot of good batsmen; I dont fear anyone, but I do respect several.. Among the best are Daryll Cullinan, Saeed Anwar, Brian Lara, Steve and Mark Waugh, Sanath Jayasuriya, and Aravinda de Silva is one of my favourite players

Shabba:  Srinath:  do you think that India has found that 3rd seamer in Kuru?

Srinath:  Shaba:  Kuruvilla has done well, has done really well, hope he continues the good work for some more time

southie:  What are your thoughts about Bangladesh's performance against Australia

Srinath:  I wasn't here to watch that game, just came in now, I wish I could have seen that game...

shariq:  how long will you be in Australia?

Srinath:  shariq:  For a couple of weeks

Mynn:  Srinath:  your injury was obviously caused by too much cricket. What steps are being taken so that this does not happen again

Srinath:   Mynn:  a lot of rehabilitation, a lot of strengthening exercises and enough rest in between

bipin:  Srinath What do you think about india's new bowling sensation Mohanti and Harvinder?

Srinath:   Important thing is for the rookies who have got good wickets to bowl on so far, to learn to adapt and bowl on different tracks in the future. But in general Mohanty and Harvinder have bowled well so far

bipin:  Srinath:   Do you think playing Wills Cup-Pakistan rather than sixes will be what you would have liked?

Srinath:  bipin:  well, I dn't think I am yet fully fit to the International standard, it will take some time to me, this Sixes is not where a fast bowler goes all out, it's more of batting and a little bit of bowling, so I prefer playing Sixes on the way to Australia

southie: What are your thoughts about the work load required from international cricketers these days?

Srinath:  southie:  It's quite a lot, and one should be ready for that.. Fitness is the key aspect of cricket, if you're not fit better not to play cricket.. Unless you're fit, don't touch the ball, that's the line preferred these days

Srinath: Fitness level.. there is no level as such, you need to be much fitter than anybody else basically

LiveComm:  Mr Srinath:  what do you think needs to be done by the BCCI to facilitate India becoming the world cricketing power that it should, given the mass popularity, and the wealth of talent ? (do you think BCCI is taking the measures neccessary to develop youth cricket ? :     ))

Srinath:  I think our board has done quite a good job in lifting up the cricket in India, they have brought in the right infrastructure and cricket is being promoted in every nook and corner of the country, and hopefully the youngsters would take it up in the right spirit and try to make it big in the cricketing world

bakait:  We heard that Lillee said that your injury was a throwing injury, not a bowling injury .. are you going to correct your throwing action?

Srinath: The injury was not only because of the throwing problem, I had a fall in Toronoto last year and that could be the reason.. Also, I have been bowling for a long time, so I think it all together has had an effect on my injury

Gavaskar:   Srinath:  Indian spinners are not doing well for quite a long time. Why we don't get world class spinners from India nowadays?

Srinath:   Gavaskar:  we have good spinners in India, Kumble probably had too much of cricket, he's being rested and that's a good thing, he will come back with a big bang.. We have Nilesh Kulkarni who has shown a lot of promise, Raju is still one of the best left arm spinners in the country... One spinner form Punjab, who is playing league cricket in Madras is one of the best spinners I have seen in recent times

Srinath:  There are such bowlers coming up in India, it's a question of them playing at the right time and getting the right breaks, with a little bit of patience they willl get their chance

bipin:  I wish you best but is it the same Srinath that we will see back in form or do you think you will always bowl below your limit to keep you in the game?

Srinath:   bipin:   there's no question of bowling below anybody's limit.. when anybody plays international cricket you have to be more than 100%, it's beyond anybody's limit, that's the way a cricketer has to think in the international arena.. I dont think any player would like to play below their limit at any level of sport

sagoo:   What was your feelings after the exhibition match at Madras against Aussie cricket academy?

Srinath:   sagoo:   The Madras game I bowled 5 overs, it was the first match after my injury, I felt okay, though I could not bowl flat out, I just bowled well within myself

Ravi:  Srinath :   We heard about the Aussies trying separate teams for tests/ think India would also benefit from such thing? having different bowling/batting attacks for odis/tests

Srinath:   Ravi:   that's probably a novel idea, I really dont know how it works, probably any cricketer now would like to play both versions of the game.. probably after the first year of this sort of ideas we'll come to know exactly where we stand.. you never know it might click in the end

Srinath:  OK, that'll do us here

Srinath:  Thanks guys, bye

Ravi:     Thanks a lot, Srinath

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