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Yet another of the most prominent bowlers in the world to have been affected by injury during the past season, Wasim Akram took the time to chat to Duane Pettet (Jonty, JonahLomu on #cricket) before playing for Pakistan in the Finals of the Hong Kong Sixes on 28 September 1997. The interview was moderated by Alak Chakravorty (azzie on #cricket).

SixesJL:   We have Wasim Akram here now for an interview

shariq:   Wasim, first of all congratulations on your recovery. Do you think you will be able to play the whole season?

Wasim Akram:   I'm quite happy with my recovery so far. My shoulder is recovering, I will come back to Pakistan cricket in 2 weeks time

spicy1:   I hope you will play against SA.  Did you miss the Sahara Cup?

WasimAkram:   Yeah I did, I was there as a TV commentator

dsqa:  Are you going to ask Aamir Sohail back in the team when you return as captain?

WasimAkram:   It all depends. If he is back in form and a good enough player then he will make it back into the Pakistan side, yes.

dsqa:   thanks!

Asma:   You have often complained about the hectic schedule of the Pak team. What about your decision to play county cricket which exascerbated your shoulder injury?

WasimAkram:   The shoulder injury had nothing to do with the country cricket.  Overall it is too much, that is the problem

Amol:  Pakistan seems to have played quite a few pace bowlers these past couple years. Who do you see as the most promising, for a long future with Pakistan, to eventually replace you (and Waqar) ?

WasimAkram:   I think there is one bowler called Mohammed Zahid who is injured right now,  and Shahid Nazir. He had an operation on his back 4 months ago and after his recovery he will back in the side.  I hope so for the Pakistan's sake, he is a great bowler.

sohail:   Wasim where does the weakness in Pakistani cricket team lie?

WasimAkram:   I think we didn't do well in the last 6 months because we didn't have experienced bowlers,  but I think after the current selection we have the best team against India.

vasanth:   With all the up and coming fast bowlers in Pakistan, are you in anyway involved in their development ?

WasimAkram:   Not really. Whenever they join the Pakistan side, we can tell them what to do.  It is up to the PCB to go to different cities, I'd love to help them do it.  It is like soccer in England;  everyone plays in Pakistan.  Everyone plays at every city and you can go anywhere and find talent there.

diss1:   What do u think can be done about the dubious selection and disciplinary policies of the PCB?  And do u think Aamir Sohail deserves to be left out of the test team agaisnt SA?

PakHeart:   Wasim Bhai, There is an Indian fan of mine sitting next to me, who first of all thinks that you are the best bowler in the world, and wants to know "Where do you rate Mohammad Azharuddin as a batsman?"

WasimAkram:   I rate him definitely in the top 3 in the world

WasimAkram:   He's one of the top batsmen, I love to watch him batting

PakHeart:   The other two?

WasimAkram:   For me I think Brian Lara, Sachin Tendulkar, Mohammed Azharuddin and Saeed Anwar are my top four.

PakHeart:   Thanks Wasim Bhai! Khuda Hafiz, Pakistan Zindabad!

WasimAkram:   OK thanks guys, must go now - have a final to play in shortly!

azzie:   Thanks Wasim for taking the time.

azzie:   Good luck, hope you win

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