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Leading Australian batsman Mark Waugh was interviewed at the official dinner for the Hong Kong Sixes tournament on 26 September 1997. Rohan Chandran and Duane Pettet assisted Mark with the interview.
Sixes: We may have Mark Waugh coming over now ... He watches with interest .. ahh here he is ...

Mark Waugh: any questions ?

mohan: Hello Mark. Not a great ashes tour for you personally. What happened?

Mark Waugh: Didn't have much luck, the pitches were very hard to bat on. Wasn't quite at my best.

Keith: Mark the recent series in RSA was it a lot closer than the results showed ? (Keith is in Pretoria RSA)

Mark Waugh: The result wasn't 3-0 so ... ? 2-1 isn't that large a difference.

NZcricket: whats your impressions on new zealand cricket at the moment Mark waugh?

Mark Waugh: New Zealand always play better against Australia because of the local rivalry. They don't look a great team on paper but they always fight hard.

NZcricket: What do u think about the test world cup?

Mark Waugh: It's a good idea in theory but its difficult to fit in in the current schedule

Keith: Mark ... going on from the earlier question ... do you think that the SA'cans learnt anything from you guys during that series ... and will it be closer in Aus?

Mark Waugh: Keith: I hope not! They've got a lot of young players, especially the batting, so they should've learnt something from the recent series.

Caze: Mark: as a player, do you think that test cricket is dying?

Mark Waugh: Caze: It's not dying in Eng and Aus where they have good crowds at 5 and 6 Test series, but I think it's dying on the subcontinent because there are too many draws and not enough results. It's up to the captains and players to try and produce results and not improve their averages.

Keith: ...ta ... did you guys learn anything from the SA'cans ??

Mark Waugh: Keith: we know they are a good tough team

Windian: MarkWaugh: who is the most promising young bat and bowler you have noticed over the last couple seasons that you have played against?

Mark Waugh: Windian: Jason Gillespie is the best promising young bowler, and Ponting as batsman.

Beyondo: Mark, what do you think of Australia having separate test and one day sides? - And will Steve captain the one day side?

Mark Waugh: Beyondo: I think it's an obvious answer. 2 different types of games so 2 different teams, unless your best Test players are the same as the best ODI players then you have the same team.

AB_NZ_RULE: What do you think of the new NZ bowlers, people have been saying that you and brother Steve will not be losing sleep over them , well that is a quote from todays paper in Wellington, the new bowlers like Sewell, O'Connor and Vettori.

Mark Waugh: To be honest, I don't know much about them because I haven't played against them.

Keith: Mark a question that always goes out on an interview like this ... who do you rate as the best bowler and Batsman in the world today ?

Mark Waugh: Keith: Curtley Ambrose and Steve Waugh :-)

Beyondo: Mark, sorry bout the question, but what do you think of Ryan Campbell and will he play for Australia in test/ODI cricket?

Mark Waugh: Beyondo: this is the first time I have met him on this tour, but I've heard good reports about him

NZcricket: Mark: what do u think of Martin Crowe's new Cricket Max?

Mark Waugh: NZcricket: haven't seen it sorry

Keith: Mark Your best innings ever played ?

Mark Waugh: Keith: dead heat b/w 4th Test v WI at Jamaica and 100 v RSA at Pt Elizabeth

Sixes: OK, Mark has left ... thanks for the questions

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