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So maybe democracy is the greatest thing since sliced bread. But how often do you really see it work? If you are truly tired of having your opinion squelched (or even, for that matter, if you are not), welcome to Stumped, online Cricket Club where you are the head honcho, middle management, and the content team all rolled into one.

Click here Naturally, set up as it is by CricInfo, the world's biggest cricket website, Stumped too has big ambitions. And we aim nothing short of the very top - making Stumped the world's largest online cricket club.

That is where you come in. A club, after all, needs members, and we realise that. So we offer you, in return for your membership, unlimited hours of fun, incredible stashes of moolah and prizes up for grabs, incomparable chances to interact one-on-one, or one-on-one-million, with your cricket fan brethren, and more features than you can shake a stick at.

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Still reading? Spit on your hands, crack your knuckles, shake out those neck cricks, register yourself, and buckle your seat belt. The ride of your life is just about to begin.
Cricket E-Cards
The Batting Game
Photo Caption Contest
Screensavers & Wallpapers
Here is your best chance to put all that "useless" cricket knowledge to work. Dredge your memory, use the Internet or consult an astrologer - the methods don't matter, your answers do.
Bowl your maiden over with our special E-Cards
Smack 'em - The Batting Game
You always fancied yourself to be a Sachin Tendulkar, well here is your chance to show the world your skills. The top scorers will figure in the Hall of Fame of Stumped.
Photo Caption Contest
Unfortunately, the thousand words that a picture is worth never fit in as a caption. Give us ten.
Screensavers & Wallpapers
How can you make Sachin airdrop straight into your drawing room? Well, all you need to do is download his image onto your desktop. Never before seen pictures of your favourite stars up for grabs.

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