Aug 1999: Poll results

Do you agree with the ECB's decision to introduce central contracts for England players?
24 Aug 1999 - 31 Aug 1999
Yes77%(42 votes)
No22%(12 votes)

Who will win the Aiwa Cup?
18 Aug 1999 - 24 Aug 1999
Australia84%(146 votes)
India13%(23 votes)
Sri Lanka2%(4 votes)

Who will win the Aiwa Cup?
19 Aug 1999 - 23 Aug 1999
Australia39%(791 votes)
India52%(1047 votes)
Sri Lanka8%(169 votes)

Is the modern captain under too much pressure?
4 Aug 1999 - 18 Aug 1999
Yes56%(109 votes)
No43%(83 votes)

Do you think Tendulkar should have been made captain ?
28 Jul 1999 - 16 Aug 1999
Yes, he is the best person for the job35%(476 votes)
Yes, there was no other alternative12%(162 votes)
I don't know2%(28 votes)
No, it will affect his batting37%(501 votes)
No, he isn't good enough to be captain13%(176 votes)

Who will be in the NatWest Trophy final?
10 Aug 1999 - 14 Aug 1999
Somerset v Gloucs8%(45 votes)
Surrey v Glous24%(135 votes)
Somerset v Yorks18%(102 votes)
Surrey v Yorks48%(265 votes)

Should the India/Pakistan one-day series in Toronto go ahead?
2 Aug 1999 - 10 Aug 1999
Yes59%(2092 votes)
No40%(1437 votes)

Should this Test match have been played at Old Trafford?
6 Aug 1999 - 9 Aug 1999
Yes46%(46 votes)
No53%(52 votes)

Who is England's best woman cricketer?
28 Jul 1999 - 6 Aug 1999
Clare Connor17%(8 votes)
Charlotte Edwards21%(10 votes)
Karen Smithies50%(23 votes)
Clare Taylor10%(5 votes)

Do you agree with the squads selected to tour Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe?
15 Jul 1999 - 4 Aug 1999
Yes, both squads67%(186 votes)
I like the Test squad only8%(23 votes)
I like the ODI squad only10%(30 votes)
I don't like either squad13%(38 votes)

Is it the right move to give Tendulkar back the Indian captaincy?
28 Jul 1999 - 2 Aug 1999
Yes48%(1198 votes)
No51%(1280 votes)

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