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Polls conducted in December 1997


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What do you prefer? Tests or one-dayers?

(December 22-29).

One-day54%(1583 votes)
Test45%(1307 votes)

What will be the final result of the India-Sri Lanka one-day series??

(December 19-22).

Sri Lanka 2-143%(579 votes)
India 2-125%(340 votes)
Sri Lanka 3-024%(325 votes)
India 3-06%(84 votes)

Who will win the Sharjah Champions Trophy final?

(December 17-19).

England51%(844 votes)
West Indies48%(789 votes)

What balls should be used in day/night matches?

(December 12-17).

Two white balls, one at each end54%(1389 votes)
A luminous orange ball22%(562 votes)
One white ball15%(389 votes)
Traditional red ball5%(147 votes)
Some other colour1%(50 votes)

Who should lead the West Indies in their next Test series against England?

(December 5-12).

Carl Hooper35%(867 votes)
Brian Lara30%(736 votes)
Courtney Walsh24%(598 votes)
Jimmy Adams7%(185 votes)
Roland Holder1%(31 votes)

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