Feb 2003: Poll results

Should Afridi be preferred over Saqlain?
9 Feb 2003 - 28 Feb 2003
Yes30%(448 votes)
No69%(1019 votes)

Should SL change batting order to give middle order a chance against Canada and Kenya?
16 Feb 2003 - 26 Feb 2003
Yes48%(400 votes)
No44%(368 votes)
Maybe7%(63 votes)

How will Sri Lanka fare in the World Cup?
27 Jan 2003 - 16 Feb 2003
First round exit14%(149 votes)
Super Sixes exit15%(157 votes)
Semi-final exit18%(193 votes)
Runners up8%(91 votes)
Winner43%(455 votes)

Who should open for Pakistan?
31 Jan 2003 - 9 Feb 2003
Saeed Anwar-Taufeeq Umar23%(629 votes)
Saeed Anwar-Saleem Elahi18%(509 votes)
Taufeeq Umar-Saleem Elahi57%(1563 votes)
Saeed Anwar-Shahid Afridi1%(32 votes)

Will you be watching the World Cup opening ceremony?
7 Feb 2003 - 8 Feb 2003
Yes57%(3926 votes)
No15%(1041 votes)
Don't have coverage27%(1903 votes)

Are Zimbabwe justified in refusing to play should pool matches be moved to South Africa?
5 Feb 2003 - 7 Feb 2003
Yes65%(5597 votes)
No32%(2768 votes)
Don't know2%(240 votes)

Should Brian Lara have been selected in the World Cup squad?
6 Jan 2003 - 7 Feb 2003
Yes86%(2577 votes)
No13%(402 votes)

Is it now time for the ICC to move Zimbabwe World Cup matches?
4 Feb 2003 - 5 Feb 2003
Yes39%(2058 votes)
No57%(3000 votes)
Don't know3%(178 votes)

Should the ICC security report be made more widely available?
3 Feb 2003 - 4 Feb 2003
Yes78%(1723 votes)
No17%(379 votes)
Don't know4%(106 votes)

Are politics threatening to overshadow the cricket at the World Cup?
31 Jan 2003 - 3 Feb 2003
Yes82%(5166 votes)
No14%(918 votes)
Don't know2%(149 votes)

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