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What will be the outcome of the West Indies v England Test series?

(January 25-29)

England33%(874 votes)
West Indies50%(1321 votes)
Series tied16%(423 votes)

Should Shahid Afridi have been included in Pakistan's Test squad?

(January 22-25)

Yes 43% (444 votes)
No 57% (586 votes)

What was the biggest cricket event of January 18, 1998?

(January 18-22).

India's victory over Pakistan 80% (2704 votes)
South Africa's annihilation of Australia 10% (346 votes)
Sri Lanka's Test win over Zimbabwe 9% (308 votes)

Man-of-the-Match polls: India v Pakistan at Dhaka.

Game 1 (Jan 14): Sachin Tendulkar 666 votes, follwed by M.Azharuddin (22), Shahid Afridi and Saeed Anwar (10 each) - total 745 votes.

Game 2 (Jan 16): Mohammad Hussain 138 votes, Mohammad Azharuddin (68), Saeed Anwar 45 - total 332 votes.

Game 3 (Jan 18): Saurav Ganguly 406 votes, followed by Saeed Anwar (111), Robin Singh (69) - total 674 votes.

Is Shane Warne the man to lead Australia into the 1999 World Cup?

(January 14-18).

Yes 25% (718 votes)
No 75% (2190 votes)

Were the Indian selectors correct in sacking Tendulkar and making Azharuddin captain?

(January 4-10).

Yes 71% (1336 votes)
No 29% (544 votes)

What was the most exciting drawn Test in 1997?

(December 30-January 7).

South Africa v India at Johannesburg 31% (568 votes)
Australia v South Africa at Melbourne 19% (350 votes)
Australia v New Zealand at Hobart 18% (330 votes)
West Indies v Sri Lanka at St Vincent 13% (251 votes)
New Zealand v England at Auckland 10% (185 votes)
Zimbabwe v New Zealand at Bulawayo 7% (129 votes)

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