Jun 1999: Poll results

Do you like the look of the new Media Centre at Lord's?
20 Jun 1999 - 29 Jun 1999
Yes51%(1420 votes)
No28%(780 votes)
Undecided3%(109 votes)
Don't care15%(430 votes)

Who was Australia's player of the tournament?
20 Jun 1999 - 28 Jun 1999
Damien Fleming1%(3 votes)
Glenn McGrath10%(31 votes)
Ricky Ponting6%(18 votes)
Shane Warne22%(65 votes)
Mark Waugh6%(20 votes)
Steve Waugh52%(152 votes)

Which Pakistan player poses the biggest threat to Australia in Sunday's World Cup final?
19 Jun 1999 - 20 Jun 1999
Inzamam-ul-Haq2%(2 votes)
Saeed Anwar26%(24 votes)
Shoaib Akhtar37%(33 votes)
Wasim Akram32%(29 votes)
Other1%(1 votes)

Who will win the World Cup final?
18 Jun 1999 - 20 Jun 1999
Australia43%(1320 votes)
Pakistan56%(1733 votes)

Should there be tougher laws in place to prevent crowd invasions?
17 Jun 1999 - 20 Jun 1999
Yes83%(1319 votes)
No11%(180 votes)
Undecided1%(29 votes)
Don't care3%(57 votes)

Which innings has been Steve Waugh's greatest in the past year?
15 Jun 1999 - 19 Jun 1999
199 in third Test against West Indies in Barbados18%(49 votes)
120* against South Africa in World Cup semi final72%(186 votes)
122* in fourth Test against England in Melbourne3%(10 votes)
100 in second Test against West Indies in Jamaica5%(13 votes)

Who is the player of the tournament?
8 Jun 1999 - 15 Jun 1999
Geoff Allott4%(164 votes)
Rahul Dravid19%(721 votes)
Neil Johnson5%(190 votes)
Lance Klusener47%(1797 votes)
Glenn McGrath2%(107 votes)
Wasim Akram16%(613 votes)
Another player5%(192 votes)

Who has been the best pace bowler so far in the World Cup?
8 Jun 1999 - 15 Jun 1999
Geoff Allott23%(113 votes)
Allan Donald1%(9 votes)
Lance Klusener4%(21 votes)
Glenn McGrath39%(194 votes)
Shoaib Akhtar16%(80 votes)
Wasim Akram10%(52 votes)
Other3%(18 votes)

Is the carry-over points system for the Super Six a good idea?
8 Jun 1999 - 13 Jun 1999
Yes42%(750 votes)
No55%(990 votes)
Undecided1%(27 votes)
Don't care0%(15 votes)

Is it time for Arjuna Ranatunga to retire?
6 Jun 1999 - 12 Jun 1999
Yes77%(5354 votes)
No22%(1518 votes)

If you were captain would you have done the same as Steve Waugh in Australia's controversial run chase against the West Indies?
31 May 1999 - 9 Jun 1999
Yes71%(423 votes)
No23%(138 votes)
Maybe5%(31 votes)

Who is England's player of the World Cup so far?
29 May 1999 - 8 Jun 1999
Darren Gough25%(6 votes)
Graeme Hick12%(3 votes)
Nasser Hussain0%( votes)
Alan Mullally58%(14 votes)
Someone else4%(1 votes)

Which team will be first to qualify for the World Cup semi-finals?
1 Jun 1999 - 6 Jun 1999
Australia1%(127 votes)
India13%(1027 votes)
New Zealand0%(75 votes)
Pakistan65%(5178 votes)
South Africa12%(979 votes)
Zimbabwe6%(503 votes)

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