Mar 1999: Poll results

Which player was the most unlucky to miss out on World Cup selection?
23 Mar 1999 - 31 Mar 1999
Jason Gillespie21%(44 votes)
Ian Harvey10%(22 votes)
Stuart Law19%(40 votes)
Stuart MacGill42%(88 votes)
Brad Young5%(11 votes)

Who will win the triangular one-day series out of:
18 Mar 1999 - 23 Mar 1999
Bangladesh7%(366 votes)
Kenya7%(376 votes)
Zimbabwe85%(4449 votes)

Should there be a reserve keeper in the England world cup squad?
8 Mar 1999 - 23 Mar 1999
Yes52%(37 votes)
No47%(34 votes)

Who has been the outstanding player in the Sheffield Shield this season?
12 Mar 1999 - 23 Mar 1999
Darren Berry (Vic)1%(4 votes)
Greg Blewett (SA)41%(105 votes)
Andy Bichel (Qld)4%(11 votes)
Sean Cary (WA)0%( votes)
Jamie Cox (Tas)3%(9 votes)
Matthew Elliott (Vic)14%(36 votes)
Adam Gilchrist (WA)7%(19 votes)
Mike Hussey (WA)5%(14 votes)
Stuart Law (Qld)5%(14 votes)
Matthew Nicholson (WA)1%(3 votes)
Tim Nielsen (SA)0%( votes)
Paul Reiffel (Vic)1%(5 votes)
Corey Richards (NSW)6%(17 votes)
David Saker (Vic)6%(16 votes)
Brad Young (SA)1%(3 votes)

Are nicknames for teams a good idea?
12 Mar 1999 - 15 Mar 1999
Yes49%(1074 votes)
No50%(1075 votes)

Who will win the Mercantile Mutual Cup?
21 Feb 1999 - 12 Mar 1999
New South Wales Blues57%(99 votes)
Victorian Bushrangers42%(72 votes)

If you could only choose one spinner for the Australian Test team, who would choose between Shane Warne and Stuart MacGill?
28 Feb 1999 - 12 Mar 1999
MacGill68%(343 votes)
Warne31%(158 votes)

Should Alec Stewart captain England in the world cup?
13 Feb 1999 - 8 Mar 1999
Yes75%(118 votes)
No24%(38 votes)

How many Tests will Australia win against WI?
2 Mar 1999 - 8 Mar 1999
Four18%(835 votes)
Three37%(1712 votes)
Two29%(1360 votes)
One8%(377 votes)
None6%(309 votes)

Do you like the points system for the Asian Championships?
27 Feb 1999 - 3 Mar 1999
Yes58%(2234 votes)
No41%(1579 votes)

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