May 1999: Poll results

Who has been Australia's best player so far at World Cup 99?
30 May 1999 - 31 May 1999
Fleming12%(1 votes)
McGrath25%(2 votes)
Moody0%( votes)
Warne37%(3 votes)
ME Waugh25%(2 votes)
SR Waugh0%( votes)
Other0%( votes)

What do you think of the design on the Indian World Cup team shirt?
16 May 1999 - 19 May 1999
like it!25%(21 votes)
hate it42%(35 votes)
so-so28%(24 votes)
dont care3%(3 votes)

Are the restrictions on fans at World Cup grounds too harsh?
12 May 1999 - 15 May 1999
Yes36%(1272 votes)
No63%(2234 votes)

Who will be India's top scorer in Saturdays match?
14 May 1999 - 15 May 1999
Tendulkar36%(18 votes)
Jadeja10%(5 votes)
Ganguly28%(14 votes)
Dravid24%(12 votes)
Srinath2%(1 votes)
Mongia0%( votes)

What will be the outcome of the World Cup opener?
4 May 1999 - 14 May 1999
England win45%(921 votes)
Sri Lanka win51%(1043 votes)
Match tied0%(12 votes)
No result3%(63 votes)

Are you happy with Australia's one-day form in the West Indies leading up to the World Cup?
29 Apr 1999 - 10 May 1999
Yes36%(85 votes)
No47%(111 votes)
Indifferent16%(40 votes)

Should national anthems be played before all World Cup games?
5 May 1999 - 8 May 1999
Yes78%(4325 votes)
No21%(1203 votes)

How will Pakistan's change of coach affect their World Cup hopes?
1 May 1999 - 4 May 1999
Improve7%(352 votes)
Worsen50%(2237 votes)
Make no difference41%(1844 votes)

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