May 2001: Poll results

Who will be Australia's leading run scorer during the upcoming Ashes series?
21 May 2001 - 31 May 2001
Michael Slater50%(4728 votes)
Matt Hayden15%(1461 votes)
Justin Langer3%(299 votes)
Mark Waugh8%(771 votes)
Steve Waugh9%(883 votes)
Ricky Ponting8%(754 votes)
Adam Gilchrist4%(458 votes)

Will Tendulkar get his 50th first class century in Zimbabwe (He now has 48) ?
22 May 2001 - 30 May 2001
Yes55%(1165 votes)
No8%(187 votes)
Can't say35%(752 votes)

Will India beat Zimbabwe and break its 15 year old drought outside the Indian subcontinent?
18 May 2001 - 28 May 2001
Yes83%(4080 votes)
No9%(458 votes)
Can't say6%(331 votes)

Do you agree with recall of Hashan
17 May 2001 - 22 May 2001
Yes36%(224 votes)
No24%(150 votes)
May be39%(248 votes)

When is the most appropriate time for the MCA to name a stand after Tendulkar at the Wankhede Stadium?
14 May 2001 - 22 May 2001
Now36%(656 votes)
After he scores 10,000 Test runs9%(177 votes)
After he scores 35 Test centuries6%(113 votes)
After he retires48%(876 votes)

Who will be Australia's first million dollar player?
13 May 2001 - 21 May 2001
Adam Gilchrist25%(1080 votes)
Brett Lee21%(925 votes)
Glenn McGrath10%(442 votes)
Ricky Ponting15%(674 votes)
Shane Warne3%(151 votes)
Steve Waugh15%(639 votes)
Other7%(317 votes)

Who of the following should be included in the Indian team to tour Zimbabwe?
29 Apr 2001 - 19 May 2001
Robin Singh34%(518 votes)
Sunil Joshi12%(188 votes)
Robin & Joshi32%(491 votes)
None of the above19%(294 votes)

Should Anil Kumble be assured of a place in the Team after he recovers from his shoulder ailment
14 May 2001 - 17 May 2001
Yes63%(404 votes)
No31%(199 votes)
Can't say5%(33 votes)

Is it time for radical changes in the structure of first class cricket in Sri Lanka?
4 May 2001 - 17 May 2001
Yes80%(407 votes)
No10%(51 votes)
May be9%(47 votes)

Should Tendulkar be awarded the Padma Bhushan?
4 May 2001 - 14 May 2001
Yes91%(1085 votes)
No8%(98 votes)

Do you think India should
3 May 2001 - 14 May 2001
Play Pakistan everywhere37%(1273 votes)
Not play Pakistan anywhere18%(634 votes)
Play Pakistan only in ICC-authorised events41%(1404 votes)
Can't say1%(55 votes)

Should fans get rewarded for catching a six during the Test matches and Carlton Series?
5 May 2001 - 13 May 2001
Yes51%(2176 votes)
No48%(2033 votes)

Do you agree with the squads selected for England?
13 Apr 2001 - 5 May 2001
Yes, both50%(2286 votes)
ODI only15%(720 votes)
Test only10%(494 votes)
No, neither23%(1052 votes)

Do you agree with the decision to dissolve the cricket board?
13 Apr 2001 - 4 May 2001
Yes80%(958 votes)
No15%(182 votes)
Maybe4%(57 votes)

Do you think opening a Coke helped India Win?
22 Mar 2001 - 4 May 2001
Yes25%(420 votes)
No74%(1221 votes)

Should Sachin Tendulkar sport a French beard?
23 Apr 2001 - 4 May 2001
Yes43%(1633 votes)
No56%(2138 votes)

Who is your first choice keeper for the Zimbabwe tour?
23 Apr 2001 - 3 May 2001
NR Mongia31%(788 votes)
V Dahiya19%(493 votes)
SS Dighe15%(383 votes)
A Ratra18%(467 votes)
Someone else14%(358 votes)

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