Oct 2000: Poll results

What is the single most important factor to look for in selecting India's next coach?
19 Oct 2000 - 31 Oct 2000
Record as a player19%(1786 votes)
Record as a coach36%(3476 votes)
Inspiring personality44%(4137 votes)

Should cricket allow substitutes to play a full part in the game?
9 Oct 2000 - 29 Oct 2000
Yes49%(6792 votes)
No50%(6826 votes)

Were the selectors right in rejecting the Indian team management's request for an off-spinner in the squad for Sharjah?
13 Oct 2000 - 19 Oct 2000
Yes41%(2108 votes)
No58%(2921 votes)

Will India reach the ICC KnockOut final?
11 Oct 2000 - 13 Oct 2000
Yes55%(15821 votes)
No44%(12590 votes)

Should India tour Pakistan this winter?
28 Sep 2000 - 11 Oct 2000
Yes50%(19597 votes)
No49%(19184 votes)

Should cricket apply for Olympic status?
19 Sep 2000 - 10 Oct 2000
Yes47%(125352 votes)
No52%(139163 votes) poll - What is your favourite Test ground?
19 Sep 2000 - 9 Oct 2000
Lord's23%(9011 votes)
Trent Bridge22%(8552 votes)
Edgbaston11%(4430 votes)
Old Trafford18%(7148 votes)
Headingley11%(4201 votes)
The Oval12%(4602 votes)

Who will win the ICC KnockOut?
28 Sep 2000 - 9 Oct 2000
Australia0%(65 votes)
Bangladesh0%(11 votes)
England0%(14 votes)
India58%(15785 votes)
Kenya0%(25 votes)
New Zealand1%(509 votes)
Pakistan32%(8685 votes)
South Africa0%(197 votes)
Sri Lanka6%(1751 votes)
West Indies0%(16 votes)
Zimbabwe0%(56 votes)

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