Sep 2002: Poll results

Has Sourav Ganguly's captaincy matured after the series in the West Indies?
20 Jul 2002 - 26 Sep 2002
Yes66%(428 votes)
No33%(220 votes)

Should Dravid be a long-term wicket-keeping prospect for India in one-dayers?
20 Jul 2002 - 26 Sep 2002
Yes71%(539 votes)
No28%(214 votes)

What should Laxman's position be in the Test series against England?
20 Jul 2002 - 26 Sep 2002
Number three31%(96 votes)
Number five40%(125 votes)
Number six27%(84 votes)

Will Harbhajan Singh experience problems with balls used in England?
20 Jul 2002 - 26 Sep 2002
Yes55%(131 votes)
No44%(104 votes)

How many wickets will Kumble take in the Test series?
20 Jul 2002 - 26 Sep 2002
0-632%(85 votes)
7-1239%(105 votes)
13-1717%(46 votes)
More than 1710%(28 votes)

India will win the series against England only if:
12 Jun 2002 - 26 Sep 2002
England concedes a walkover14%(52 votes)
Darren Gough is injured8%(28 votes)
India lay their hands on Aladdin's magic lamp77%(268 votes)

Does India need Srinath's services on the tour of England?
6 Jun 2002 - 26 Sep 2002
Yes58%(184 votes)
No41%(130 votes)

Who is your Man of the Series?
2 Jun 2002 - 26 Sep 2002
Ganguly58%(585 votes)
Agarkar15%(159 votes)
Gayle9%(97 votes)
Dillon15%(154 votes)

Were India right in dropping VVS Laxman for the one-dayers?
31 May 2002 - 26 Sep 2002
Yes58%(413 votes)
No41%(291 votes)

Would Robin Singh have been a good addition to this one-day squad?
30 May 2002 - 26 Sep 2002
Yes42%(683 votes)
No57%(924 votes)

Best suits in 5th position for Test Squad?
2 May 2002 - 26 Sep 2002
Akram42%(472 votes)
M Abedin31%(345 votes)
Mazharul10%(118 votes)
Ashraful15%(165 votes)

Who should get the twelfth England contract?
20 Apr 2002 - 26 Sep 2002
Ramprakash24%(354 votes)
Stewart46%(660 votes)
White28%(413 votes)

What can be done to prevent SS Das from being hit in the back while fielding at short leg?
24 Apr 2002 - 26 Sep 2002
Stand deeper15%(101 votes)
move to a better position22%(152 votes)
Get a reflexes test27%(182 votes)
Get his eyes tested34%(229 votes)

Vote for your favourite cricket ground
16 Apr 2002 - 26 Sep 2002
Barbados2%(51 votes)
Cape Town4%(107 votes)
Eden Gardens14%(349 votes)
Kandy29%(690 votes)
Lord's11%(273 votes)
Melbourne Cricket Ground13%(308 votes)
Sydney Cricket Ground5%(121 votes)
Basin Reserve, Wellington2%(67 votes)
Other16%(395 votes)

Has cricket cleaned up its act since 'Cronjegate'?
9 Apr 2002 - 26 Sep 2002
Yes49%(890 votes)
No50%(906 votes)

Do you agree with the ACB's decision to withdraw from the Zimbabwe tour?
27 Mar 2002 - 26 Sep 2002
Yes67%(4179 votes)
No32%(1987 votes)

If it were to cover all divisions, all-day, limited overs or mixture of both?
21 Feb 2002 - 26 Sep 2002
All all-day games12%(77 votes)
50 overs games only46%(279 votes)
Half and half16%(97 votes)
More all-day than 50ovs11%(72 votes)
More 50ovs than all-day12%(78 votes)

Will Hampshire CCC Academy win SPCL Division 2?
30 Jan 2002 - 26 Sep 2002
Yes, easily16%(104 votes)
Yes, but will be close17%(109 votes)
Better teams than them in division31%(202 votes)
No, will just miss out16%(105 votes)
No, not a chance18%(119 votes)

Do you favour number/named shirts in first class cricket
30 Jan 2002 - 26 Sep 2002
Yes I would45%(658 votes)
No I would Not49%(713 votes)
Have No opinion4%(61 votes)

Will India win Tendulkar's 100th Test?
5 Sep 2002 - 25 Sep 2002
Yes35%(783 votes)
No64%(1422 votes)

Will West Indies make it to the semi-finals of the ICC champions trophy
16 Sep 2002 - 23 Sep 2002
Yes34%(71 votes)
No65%(137 votes)

By sending a second-string team to the Champions Trophy, the BCCI will lose its voice in the ICC. Do you agree?
26 Aug 2002 - 18 Sep 2002
Yes74%(148 votes)
No25%(51 votes)

Are the West Indian junior sides getting enough international exposure?
20 Jul 2002 - 16 Sep 2002
Yes27%(238 votes)
No72%(634 votes)

Should Sri Lanka play 2 or 3 spinners against Pakistan on Thursday?
9 Sep 2002 - 14 Sep 2002
2 spinners72%(308 votes)
3 spinners27%(114 votes)

Will Sehwag be ineffective at the top of the Test order in England?
25 Jul 2002 - 13 Sep 2002
Yes38%(1013 votes)
No61%(1595 votes)

If Jayasuriya is not fit, who should captain?
3 Sep 2002 - 9 Sep 2002
Marvan Atapattu33%(332 votes)
Aravinda de Silva35%(348 votes)
Russel Arnold6%(66 votes)
Mahela Jayawardene4%(46 votes)
Kumar Sangakkara6%(65 votes)
Muttiah Muralitharan12%(126 votes)

Who will win in Kenya?
5 Sep 2002 - 7 Sep 2002
Australia44%(813 votes)
Kenya2%(50 votes)
Pakistan52%(947 votes)

Does Tendulkar show a tendency to choke in big-match situations?
20 Jul 2002 - 5 Sep 2002
Yes52%(1345 votes)
No47%(1193 votes)

Who will get the most wickets?
1 Sep 2002 - 5 Sep 2002
Wasim Akram31%(1995 votes)
Glen McGrath23%(1441 votes)
Shane Warne1%(102 votes)
Jason Gillespie20%(1296 votes)
Shoaib Akhtar21%(1364 votes)
Martin Suji0%(38 votes)
Joseph Angara0%(28 votes)

Should SL players be guaranteed percentage of ICC revenue before signing ICC Contract?
26 Aug 2002 - 3 Sep 2002
Yes66%(288 votes)
No24%(106 votes)
Maybe8%(37 votes)

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