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Internet Relay Chat - Information

What is IRC?

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a forum on which a number of users can chat (too obvious, isnt it?). In and around December 1992, a number of Aussies (notably Laurie8) realized that they can discuss cricket, and even better can provide live commentary of the matches going on. The rest is History! Now, IRC is regularly being used for almost all international cricket matches for live commentary - both one days as well as tests. When there is no match is in progress (or alternately a break in commentary) then cricket fans all over the world discuss/chat.

How Do I Join IRC?

You need a client to run irc and to follow cricket. Probably the most important thing to do first is to see if irc is already available on your system. To do this, ask your system administrator or anyone who seems to be knowledgeable about your system. Tell them you want to get onto IRC StarLink.

To connect to IRC Click here

If you do not have such a client (client is another name for program - nothing to be confused with), you can make your own client based on the information given in these pages.

Procedures to build a Macintosh client , and PC(Windows) are given here. For unix, you can build a client automatically using this procdure . If you have difficulty and you are confident in compiling "C" programs, you can make your own client using the procedure given here .

Now that you have a client ready, you need to specify a server to connect to. The server you connect to, in turn, connects to other servers through which you can chat with others. Some of the more important servers are:

  • Utrecht.NL.EU.StarLink.Org
  • SouthBend.IN.US.StarLink.Org
  • RockHill.SC.US.StarLink.Org
  • Pittsburgh.PA.US.StarLink.Org
  • NewYork.NY.US.StarLink.Org
  • Miami.FL.US.StarLink.Org
  • WichitaFalls.TX.US.StarLink.Org
  • Glen.VC.AU.StarLink.Org
  • Aspen.CO.US.StarLink.Org
  • Denver.CO.US.StarLink.Org
  • Durham-r.NC.US.StarLink.Org [reccommended]
  • Durham-1.NC.US.StarLink.Org [recommended]
  • [highly reccommended]
  • [highly reccommended]
As a default, will take you to a random available Starlink server in the US. and also work.

Try to pick an American server as they seem to be the ones usually with better performance. The specific procedure as to how to specify these servers for each machines are given in the respective pages which are linked from above. You don't have to go to the one in your state or country, or even the nearest one, though. Keep trying state abbreviations, and you'll find one.

Once you have picked a server, run "irc" (involves either clicking on the icon or typing "irc" at your system prompt), and then type /join #cricket to participate in chat/ follow the live commentary of the various cricket matches.

Remember, #cricket is on the StarLink network. If your server does not have the word "StarLink" in it, you are probably on the wrong IRC net.

Nothing Works!

If you are unable to build the client using the above procedures, please follow the directions given here .

Too much stuff on the channel - How to cut the crap?

Simply, type /ignore * crap .

For Unix, you can also try the method given here .

Where do I get more information ?

The IRC primer contains most of the information you want to know as an user. It is not necessary to read it, but if you plan to use IRC on a more permanent basis, a scan might be helpful.

More information about Starlink can be obtained at the Stormnet home page at

If you have difficulties in getting IRC work, you can send us a mail at with a description of the system you are using, and possibly the exact problem, we will be glad to help you.

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