Munich Cricket Association

Welcome to the official Munich Cricket Association site, hosted by CricInfo.

The Munich Cricket Association (MCA) represents all organised cricket in Munich and Bavaria. The aim of the MCA is to promote and further develop cricket in Bavaria and Germany. Currently there are 8 sides plus 1 associate member in Munich playing in an organised cup and league competition. Should anybody be interested in finding out more about cricket here in Munich please feel free to contact one of the officers or clubs mentioned below.

The MCA officers for 2001 are:
  • Dagmar Braun, MCA Chairwoman
    Phone: 089-9773940

  • Wolfgang Albert, MCA Deputy Chairman
    Phone: 08022-75677

  • Kevin Miles, MCA Treasurer
    Phone: 089-43589550

  • Ravi Raveendran, LSC Co-ordinator
    Phone: 089-74216967

  • David Weatherall, MCA Umpiring Co-ordinator
    Phone: 089-933034

Contact information for the Clubs in the MCA are:
  • Bavarian Cricket Club (BCC)
    Rafiq Fellner
    Phone: 089-58998591

  • European Patent Office Cricket Club (EPOCC)
    Kevin Miles
    Phone: 089-43589550

  • Illertisser Cricket Club (ICC) - Associate Member
    Juergen Pentz
    Phone: 07303-43725

  • Lufthansa Service Sport Club (LSSC)
    Dagmar Braun
    Phone: 089-9773940

  • Munich Cricket Club (MCC)
    Mr Wayne van Dalsum
    Phone: 089-29162345

  • Munich International Cricket Club (MIC)
    Rajendra Nath
    Phone: 089-6702003

  • Pak Orient Cricket Club (POCC)
    Manzoor Chaudhry
    Phone: 089-3162337

  • Sri Lanka Freundeskreis Cricket Club (SLFCC)
    Ajith Weiss
    Phone: 089-71940605

  • Tegernsee Cricket Club (TCC)
    Wolfgang Albert
    Phone: 08022-75677

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