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United States Junior Cricket (USJC) is a Federal 501 (c) 3 (i.e. non-profit) corporation [EIN # 31-1669726) established in 1998 to promote junior cricket in the United States. Its offices are at 40 Belvedere Street, Suite 2, San Rafael, California. Its phone number is 415 459 7311, and Fax is 415 439 4038. E-mail is The organization's Web Site is located at

One of the prime movers behind United States Junior Cricket is Michael Miller, who is also Treasurer of the United States of America Cricket Association. Others involved with USJC include Chris English, a business man who has supplied a mobile cricket van for the California program and has sponsored other events, Malcolm Nash, former Glamorgan captain and Abid Ali, ex Indian Test cricketer, who have coached or assisted with programs in California; David Fish and Dan Ruparel in Colorado, who are commencing a Colorado Youth Program in January 2001, Chris Prasad and Mark Berwick in Florida who are establishing a working junior program in that state, and Ashok Patel who is beginning a junior program in New Jersey.

The Mission statement for USJC reads: (1) To introduce cricket to children through "in school" coaching programs; (2) To follow...with extra-curricular coaching and opportunities for youngsters to practice...(3) To encourage young cricketers to play socially in age-group related...competitions; (4) To train coaches and teachers to expand the "in school" program; (5) To for all age groups of junior cricketers."


The United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) in conjunction with Vish Lekhram, Chairman of the USACA Junior Development Program Committee, has established a headquarters for the Junior & Youth Development Program. According to the President of USACA, Dr. Atul Rai, "The headquarters will be primarily used for clerical purposes. Eventually, the place will be used to do administrative work".

The new headquarters will be located in Queens, New York, at the following address:

United States of America Cricket Association
Junior & Youth Development Program
Queens Corporate Center
221-10 Jamaica Avenue
Suite 201
Queens Village, New York 11428


Considered a flagship and a model for other regions and states for promoting junior cricket through the schools (the same approach adopted successfully a decade ago by soccer), the California Youth Cricket Program operates in two areas--Northern and Southern California-- and is co-sponsored by USJC, the Northern California Cricket Association and the Southern California Cricket Association.

Begun in 1998, the California Youth Cricket Development program has brought regular cricket instruction to more than 3000 boys and girls. By next year, it is hoped that over 10,000 youngsters will have been exposed to junior cricket.

The initial effort was aimed at establishing a core group of elementary schools committed to the program, using professional coaches to train the youngsters. Following this, the idea is to wean core schools from dependence on professional coaches by qualifying their teachers to teach elementary level Kanga cricket, approach Physical Ed teacher training colleges with a view to establising and teaching a cricket qualification elementary level course, and to improve club-based after-school coaching. Significant progress has been made on all these fronts--indeed, the California Youth Cricket Development Program was adopted as a pilot national model at an international seminar on US youth cricket held at Haverford, Pa in 2000.

An important part of the California Youth Cricket Development Program is the organization of special events, promotions, and fund-raising activities to finance the development of junior cricket. These will be covered as they arise, in the "Special Events" section--suffice it to say that these are an integral part of the California Youth Cricket Development Program, and vital to its continued success.


The Compton Homies and the Popz is a unique cricket team composed of inner city Latino kids from the city of Compton, and homeless men from the transitional housing shelter in downtown LA called The Dome Village. The team was started by Ted Hayes, homeless activist and Katy Haber, executive director of Dome Village. The team was created to keep the youth away from the ravages of gang activities and teach them to use the principles of cricket in their adult lives. Ted Hayes and Leo Magnus coach this unique team with the help of Ted Hayes' son Theo Hayes, and the homeless adult players.

The Compton Homies and the Popz toured England in 1997, and in 1999 toured England and Northern Ireland playing at Windsor Castle and the Lord's Taverners at Lords. This unique team hopes to spread the word of cricket throughout the United States, helping other kids to strive towards a better future.

After an article in Details magazine in May of this year, Marie Claire editor Mary Alice Stephenson looked for the CCC. After a few months of research she found them in LA. On December 17th one of the top fashion photographers in the world is coming to Compton with 6 of the top fashion models to do a ten page fashion spread. Dunlop Slazenger are supplying the equipment for this very prestigious shoot, and Channel Four 'TV in London are supplying the uniforms.

For further information on the Compton Homies, e-mail Katy Haber or Ted Hayes at .


A junior cricket coaching program is being set up by the Old Bridge Township's Parks and Recreation Department in New Jersey. The program is the brainchild of Ashok Patel, a local businessman, and is sponsored by his family's corporation, Passco Enterprises.

The program was a direct outcome of the participation of two New Jersey youngsters, one of them Ashok Patel's son Dhiren, in the International U-13 series in the Bay Area in 2000.

According the the latest update on 12/17, A cricket camp for junior cricketers is to be held from Sunday 7th January 2001 at the Old Bridge Town and Recreation Gym ( over 25000 sq ft space). 5 nets are to be set up that day on a registration which is already of 50 young students, and will only increase as the day of the start up arrives.

Plans are being made to invite the Governor of New Jersey and the Mayor of the Township to the opening ceremony. Sports officials across the state are also being contacted. Sign-up forms are being distributed to all school children in Middlesex County. Donna Ryan, athletics coach at Carl Sandburg Middle School where the coaching program will be held, is to monitor the program with an eye to inclusion as an "in-school" program in all Old Bridge Township schools.

More information may be obtained from Ashok Patel at


A Youth cricket program has been established in Colorado by David Fish and Dan Ruparel and have programs for boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 15.

David Fish is a Certified Level 1 Cricket Coach, member of the Littleton Cricket Club, and a cricket enthusiast. He has coached or managed junior cricket teams in Australia for the past three years and is excited about starting a junior cricket program in Colorado.

Dan Ruparel was president of the Colorado Cricket League for a number of years and is founder of The Littleton Cricket Club. Dan played school cricket in Bombay in the mid-1970's and still plays in the league for the Littleton CC.

Colorado Youth Cricket is partnering with a local Parks and Recreation Department to include the junior program in its community activities catalog for the next few years.

Colorado was proudly represented by all-rounder Keenan Fish, a junior member of The Littleton Cricket Club, in the recent inaugural Under 13 US-Canada International Tournament held in Northern California in September 2000. Keenan took 10 wickets for 30 runs in the tournament.

The Colorado Youth Cricket, Inc. is a Denver area non-profit organization and is affiliated with the US Junior Cricket program.

For Colorado Youth Program information, updated information or sponsorship details please visit http://www.ColoradoJuniorCricket.Org , or e-mail

An inaugural Spring Break Cricket Camp has been scheduled for Cornerstone Park in Denver, (Englewood, actually), Colorado, from Monday, March 25 to Friday, March 29th, 2002.

This camp will include two half-day junior cricket clinics for 3 days; a Vision clinic for both intermediate/advanced juniors and adult cricketers, and Level I and Level II Coaching Clinics for adults who wish to be certified as coaches.

The 2002 Spring Break camp will be run by SHANE GOULDIE, a Level 3 coach with over 20 years experience teaching youth cricket in SOUTH AFRICA. He has coached at the South African National and Provincial levels and was the Under-17 Coach for South Africa.

The 2002 camp includes Continuous and Pairs cricket (beginners); batting, bowling, fielding & wicket-keeping skills/drills, cricket history, rules, etiquette & strategy, nutrition, psychology, vision, biomechanics & active workouts for those beyond beginners. This camp will utilize video and digital technology for coaching, analysis and feedback.

Attending this camp is a must for juniors who wish to continue to learn about the sport. Parents, club and league officials and players, who wish to continue their coaching education should consider attending these Level I and Level II certification courses. In fact, candidates from as far away as California and Florida have been considering if they should participate in the Spring Break Camp, because it is the first such camp at this level that has ever been organized in the USA. It should be noted that formal (ICC) Certification at both levels I and II is almost unavailable in the USA because there are few Level III (International) coaches (qualified to offer such certifications) who are available even on visits in this country. The presence of Shane Gouldie is what makes this possible, and it is not an opportunity to be lightly passed up.

Should you have any questions or need more information please contact 303.290.0159 or via email at: .


A working junior program has been established in Orlando (Central Florida) by Mark Berwick, formerly of Hawaii Cricket Association. The program sent no less than four boys to the International U-13 series in the Bay Area in 2000. Mark Berwick and fellow Floridian Chris Prasad have obtained permission from the City of Orlando to develop a dedicated junior cricket facility on city land. More information is available at


The name "Utah Cricket Association (UCA)" may sound like that of any other recently developed statewide cricket program in the USA, creating a league out of cricket clubs manned primarily by expatriates who live in the state.

There is, however, an important difference.

The Utah Cricket Association is the ONLY US state cricket organization that is based solely upon, and is developed around, elementary schools in the Utah school system. All the players are native-born elementary school students. And all UCA cricket is being played within the participating schools, as part of their regular PE programs.

"[Cricket] is a great game. In fact itís the second most popular sport in the world next to soccer," says Steven Hooper, president of the UCA. "And whatís nice about cricket is that you avoid the violence that seems to be increasing in competitive sports."

Hooper, of Ogden, is so addicted to the game that he has spent a majority of his time introducing it into the school system. So far,as of February 2002, all 50 elementary schools in Davis County have asked for it and recently Hooper gave a demonstration to sixth-graders and physical education teachers at Majestic Elementary School. If they like it, they, along with the 39 other schools in the Weber School District, will use it in their PE program.

Hooper said when he was younger he spent a lot of time in London, where he learned about cricket. Before he left, he said he bought a complete set of equipment so he could play when he returned home. "Then when I was deployed to Kuwait in 2000 I was thrilled to learn we could watch the game on a big-screen TV during those long cold nights in the desert," he said. When he returned home, Hooper said he couldnít find any clubs or leagues in the state, so he organized his own and began taking it into the school system.

"The game has a whole lot to offer," says Hooper. "Cricket has rules but it also has laws. It should be played correctly and fairly and if anyone is out of line they are reminded about the sportsmanship they were taught in the beginning. We start out by teaching that high standard and that the kids should guard and protect that out on the field."

You can get further information from UCA's Web site, which is at Or you could e-mail Steven Hooper directly, at

Further details for these and other junior cricket programs in the USA will be supplied shortly. We would also like to know of other junior cricket organizations and activities that we have not been able to identify-- please send information to USA Coordinator, CRICINFO.



The Compton Cricket Club, Compton Homies, won the British Cup in Los Angeles, by beating three Adult cricket teams that grew up playing cricket.

They beat The British Dominion, The Old Frothonians and then Fox and Hounds in the Final. They beat the Fox and Hounds by two runs, 129 to 131. It was an incredibly exciting match.

Last year the CCC lost the British Cup by one run to the Beverly Hills CC. One of the players was missing from the team because he had been incarcerated. This year he bowled the final over. He bowled two wickets in that over, bringing our team to victory. It was a proud victory for a proud team.


A one-day course to prepare school teachers to teach elementary level Kanga or Kwik Cricket to students in a school setting was developed and presented in California. Eight teachers received USJC "Level One" Cricket Coaching Certificates.
The course is supported by a training manual produced by USJC and the California Junior Cricket program. This manual will be available to junior programs across the country.

More descriptions and listings of special events in Junior Cricket will be supplied shortly. We would also like to be informed (if possible, with advance notice) of other youth cricket events that we have not been able to identify-- please send information to USA Coordinator, CRICINFO.

Date-stamped :02 March 2002 - 20:52