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The Shell Shield / Red Stripe Cup / Busta Cup

A brief history

Winners | 2003-04 review

The first cricket match between colonies was played in 1865, but the game had been played in the Caribbean for almost half a century by then. By 1900, a triangular series was being held between Demerara, Barbados, and Trinidad, but transport between the islands remained the major obstacle to expansion and it wasn't until after the Second World War when air transport became readily available that Jamaica began to play regualr games against other islands. In 1965-66 a domestic competition, The Shell Shield, named after Shell Oil, was launched with five teams - Barbados, British Guiana, Combined Islands, Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica particpating. In 1981-82 Combined Islands were replaced by Leeward Islands and Winward Islands.

Shell Shield
1965-66 Barbados
1966-67 Barbados
1967-68 No competition
1968-69 Jamaica
1969-70 Trinidad
1970-71 Trinidad
1971-72 Barbados
1972-73 Guyana
1973-74 Barbados
1974-75 Guyana
1975-76 Trinidad/Barbados
1976-77 Barbados
1977-78 Barbados
1978-79 Barbados
1979-80 Barbados
1980-81 Combined Islands
1981-82 Barbados
1982-83 Guyana
1983-84 Barbados
1984-85 Trinidad & Tobago
1985-86 Barbados
1986-87 Guyana

Red Stripe Cup
1987-88 Jamaica
1988-89 Jamaica
1989-90 Leeward Islands
1990-91 Barbados
1991-92 Jamaica
1992-93 Guyana
1993-94 Leeward Islands
1994-95 Barbados
1995-96 Leeward Islands
1996-97 Barbados

Presidentís Cup
1997-98 Leeward Islands/Guyana

Busta Cup
1998-99 Barbados
1999-2000 Jamaica
2000-01 Barbados
2001-02 Jamaica

Carib Beer Cup
2002-03 Barbados
2003-04 Barbados

Barbados have won the title outright 18 times, Jamaica 6, Guyana 5, Leeward Islands and Trinidad/Trinidad & Tobago 3, Combined Islands 1. Barbados, Guyana, Leeward Islands and Trinidad have also shared the title.

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