<applet codebase=/classes/wicketalert/ width=100 height=198 code=WicketAlert.class>
<param name="game" value="/link_to_database/NEW/LIVE/frames/WPR_BOR_SSS_25-28FEB1999.cardfs.html">
This is the URL of the match that is to be followed as given in NEW/LIVE/LIVEDATA/WICKETALERT.data.
<param name="graphic" value="/classes/wicketalert/npower3_black.gif">
The location of the graphic containing the animations and other logos.
<param name="animation" value="4,2,0,0,10,10,140,145">

value = images on row, Number of frames in a single animation. They should all
                             be in ONE ROW.
 animations in image, Number of animations in the image ie, man + duck = 2. There should
                      then be 2 rows for the animation.
x_inset, y_inset, how many pixels in from the top left corner the first image is
x gap, // This is the horizontal gap between images side by side
y gap, // This is the vertical gap between rows of images
width, height

<param name=splash value="0,310,100,160">
Description of where in the all-in-1-graphic the splash screen is,
The numbers are x coord of the top left, y coord of the top left, width, height. (The splash screen is independent of the animation size).

<param name=buttons value="bottom,112,310,96,15,80,/link_to_database/NEW/LIVE/frames/WPR_BOR_SSS_25-28FEB1999.cardfs.html;
Buttons, a semi colon seperated list of Buttons:
position in the applet (unimplemented as yet): top means above thesplash logo & bottom means below the logo,
X location, Y location, the co-ordinates of the top left hand of the graphic width, height, the size of the image buttonURL, URL to click through to


Changes for each game

Change param=game to the games scorecard
Change param=graphics to the graphic containing the animations
Change param=buttons.. The First in the example is the scorecard clickthrough,
                       change this to the new scorecard. The second is the england
                       specific help file.. Change this to whatever is right
                       for the game being alerted.

Example Graphic

Applet in action