Guidelines for submitting scorecards

Limited Over Matches

Typical limited over matches include The scorecards of the above matches should be submitted along the guidelines provided below, as far as possible.

Header information

Clearly identify the type of the match in the header.

Name of the Cup/Trophy + year/season
Host v Guest
Stadium, City

For example, a One-Day International Match played between two countries as part of the regular tour should be denoted as

England in India 1992-93
India v England, 1st One-Day International
Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur
18 Jan 1993

The first line above is purely for our records. This line will be stripped off and in its place, some other information will be added. As far as possible, provide the details regarding the stadium where the match was played. There may be several stadia in a particular city. Of course we do realise that you may not have all the necessary information, depending on your source of information. But, if you do have them, please provide them in the above format. If the match is a domestic limited overs, consider the following:

Shell/Sandals Trophy 1995-96
Guyana v Leeward Islands, Zone B
Albion, Berbice
4 November 1995

If the match is part of a Championship Trophy, mention the teams in the alphabetical order.

Champions Trophy, Match #2
Pakistan v Sri Lanka
Sharjah C.A. Stadium
12 October 1995

If the matches that you are typing up do not conform to any of the above guidelines, improvise! We will figure out any modifications necessary, when we receive them.

Toss, Umpires, Referee, Result and the likes

If some of the following information is missing, just leave that field blank. If they were non-existent (for example, a match referee was not there at all or a Man of the match was not awarded at all, delete that line altogether.


TV Umpire: 
Match Referee:
Man of the Match:
Man of the Series:

If the match is part of a series of matches, the result is provided in the following format.

Result: India won by 37 runs
        India leads the 5-ODI series 1-0.

If it is part of a championship, or otherwise,

Result: Guyana won by 3 wickets
Points: Guyana 2, Leeward Islands 0.

If the match is curtailed due to rain or other reason and a revised target is applied, the result should be specified in the following format:

Result: Pakistan won on faster scoring rate

Results of the interrupted matches are always denoted as "won on a faster scoring rate". If a match is abandoned due to certain reasons,

Result: Match abandoned without a ball bowled


Result: Sri Lanka won by walkover without a ball bowled


Result: Sri Lanka won by default

The rest of the information is provided as:

Toss: Pakistan
Umpires: DL Orchard (RSA) and G Sharp (ENG)
TV Umpire: RB Tiffin (ZIM)
Match Referee: H Gardiner (ZIM)
Man of the Match: Aamir Sohail

Umpires should be listed in alphabetical order. Country of origin need only be given if they are not umpires from the host country (except in case of World Cup where the country information is provided for all the umpires).

Body of the scorecard

Naming convention and the like

Batting scorecard

Here is an example:


Pakistan innings
Salim Elahi           c Taylor           b McDermott           11
Aamir Sohail          st Healy           b Warne               32
Ramiz Raja            c Taylor           b Warne                8
Saqlain Mushtaq       lbw                b McGrath              0
Inzamam-ul-Haq        c SR Waugh         b Warne                5
+Moin Khan                           c & b Warne                4
Basit Ali             c Taylor           b Warne                1
*Wasim Akram          c Boon             b Warne                1
Waqar Younis          not out                                  19
Mohammad Akram        c Blewett          b Warne                1
Extras                (b 4, lb 5, nb 6)                        15
Total                 (all out, 41.1 overs)                    97

If the balls faced by each batsman is known, then it can be represented in either of the two formats:

India innings                                                   R   B
NS Sidhu              c Rashid Latif     b Aaqib Javed         14  35


India innings
NS Sidhu              c Rashid Latif     b Aaqib Javed         14 ( 35)

If more detailed information (for every player) is available, they should be presented in this order:

India innings                                                   R   B   4  6
NS Sidhu              c Rashid Latif     b Aaqib Javed         14  35   1  0
SR Tendulkar          st Rashid Latif    b Saqlain Mushtaq    100 111   9  1
*MA Azharuddin        c Rashid Latif     b Aamir Sohail        29  51   0  0
RS Dravid             run out (Mushtaq Ahmed)                   4   7   0  0
SV Manjrekar          c Aaqib Javed      b Saqlain Mushtaq     41  56   2  0
AD Jadeja             run out (Rashid Latif)                    5   5   0  0
+NR Mongia            run out (Rashid Latif)                    3   9   0  0
AR Kumble             not out                                  14  10   1  1
J Srinath             st Rashid Latif    b Saqlain Mushtaq      0   1   0  0
BKV Prasad            not out                                   1   4   0  0
Extras                (lb 3, w 9, nb 3)                        15
Total                 (8 wickets, 47.1 overs)                 226

If minutes at the crease information is also known, then,

India innings                                                   R   M   B  4 6
M Prabhakar           lbw                b Nash                 1   8  12  0 0
SR Tendulkar          c Germon           b Thomson             39  79  51  4 0
NS Sidhu              c Fleming          b Cairns               8  18  22  1 0
*MA Azharuddin        run out                                  17  60  37  0 0
SV Manjrekar          not out                                  44 101  78  5 0
AD Jadeja             not out                                  26  80  66  2 0
Extras                (b 2, lb 1, w 4, nb 4)                   11
Total                 (4 wickets, 43.4 overs)                 146

The batsmen who never batted (either due to injury or because of the end of the innings or match) should be listed under the section 'DNB' (did not bat), in the following format:

DNB: +NR Mongia, AR Kapoor, J Srinath, AR Kumble, BKV Prasad.

The line should end with a trailing period. If the list crosses 65 columns, wrap around to the next line as in:

DNB: Inzamam-ul-Haq, Ijaz Ahmed, +Rashid Latif, Waqar Younis,
     Mushtaq Ahmed, Saqlain Mushtaq, Aaqib Javed.

If the team innings ended completely, and every batsman batted, there is no need to provide the 'DNB' field.

Fall of Wickets are denoted by 'FoW' and is provided next. Basic information will include the score at which each wicket fell.

FoW: 1-44, 2-110, 3-127, 4-186, 5-195,
     6-205, 7-223, 8-224.

If the details of the batsman who got out at each wicket are known, include them as below (wrapped around so as to be less than 65 chars):

FoW: 1-44 (Sidhu), 2-110 (Azharuddin), 3-127 (Dravid),
     4-186 (Tendulkar), 5-195 (Jadeja), 6-205 (Mongia),
     7-223 (Manjrekar), 8-224 (Srinath).

In addition, if the over and ball number at which the wicket fell is known, add them along.

FoW: 1-10 (Spearman, 2.1 ov), 2-104 (Twose, 27.3 ov), 
     3-105 (Astle, 28.1 ov), 4-113 (Fleming, 29.4 ov),
     5-178 (Cairns, 42.5 ov), 6-197 (Harris, 46.5 ov),
     7-205 (Parore, 47.4 ov), 8-215 (Thomson, 49.3 ov).

Bowling figures

A barebones bowling figure section should include the overs and maidens bowled, runs given and the wickets taken in that order. The format should follow as per the following example:


Bowling                      O      M      R      W
Larsen                       8.4    3     26      3
Astle                        8      0     43      0
Harris                       8      1     37      0
Thomson                      4      0     24      0
Twose                        3      0     19      0
Cairns                       4      0     28      0

If the number of wides and no balls bowled by each individual bowler are known, they should be given next to the bowler in the following form:


Bowling                      O      M      R      W
Ambrose                     10      0     33      1 (1w, 1nb)
Walsh                        9      2     37      0 (1w)
Simmons                     10      1     35      1 (1w)
LR Williams                  2      0     18      0
Adams                        9      0     44      1 (3w)
Harper                      10      0     45      2

Notes at the end of the scorecard

After detailing the scores of both the innings, additional notes can be added at the end, only. Make the notes self-explanatory and clear. Some examples are:

*** BC Lara 50 off 72 balls.
*** West Indies 100 off 26.0 overs.
*** BC Lara 100 off 112 balls, 8x4, 1x6, brought up his hundred
    with a 6 off Cairns, 8th ODI 100.
*** DN Patel off the field from the 39th over with an upset 
    stomach, RJ Kennedy substituted.

In particular, if a batsman retired hurt during the course of the match, indicate in the comments who got retired hurt, what was his score at that time, what was the team score when he retired and if he returned to play, at what fall of wicket did he return. Also mention important things like List the comments in chronological order. At the very end, add the source and the name and email address of the contributor.

Source :: (if there is one)
<END> Contributed by Your.Name (

Double Innings Matches

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CricInfo Management thanks you for your contribution. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further help.

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