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Law 7: The Pitch

1. Area of Pitch

The pitch is the area between the bowling creases -- see Law 9. (The Bowling, Popping and Return Creases). It shall measure 5 ft./1.52m. in width on either side of a line joining the centre of the middle stumps of the wickets -- see law 8. (The Wickets).

2. Selection and Preparation

Before the toss for innings, the Executive of the Ground shall be responsible for the selection and preparation of the pitch; thereafter the Umpires shall control its use and maintenance.

3. Changing the Pitch

The pitch shall not be changed during a match unless it becomes unfit for play, and then only with the consent of both Captains.

4. Non-Turf Pitches

In the event of a non-turf pitch being used, the following shall apply:

(a) LENGTH: That of the playing surface to a minimum of 58ft. (17.68 m.)
(b) WIDTH: That of the playing surface to a minimum of 6ft. (1.83 m.)
See law 10. (Rolling, Sweeping, Mowing, Watering the Pitch and Re-marking of Creases) Note (a).

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