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Law 9: The Bowling, Popping and Return Creases

1. The Bowling Crease

The bowling crease shall be marked in line with the stumps at each end and shall be 8 ft. 8 inches/2.64 m. in length, with the stumps in the centre.

2. The Popping Crease

The popping crease, which is the back edge of the crease marking, shall be in front of and parallel with the bowling crease. It shall have the back edge of the crease marking 4 ft/1.22 m. from the centre of the stumps and shall extend to a minimum of 6 ft/1.83 m. on either side of the line of the wicket. The popping crease shall be considered to be unlimited in length.

3. The Return Crease

The return crease marking, of which the inside edge is the crease, shall be at each end of the bowling crease and at right angles to it. The return crease shall be marked to a minimum of 4 ft./1.22 m. behind the wicket and shall be considered to be unlimited in length. A forward extension shall be marked to the popping crease.

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