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Law 31: Timed Out

1. Out Timed Out

An incoming Batsman shall be out Timed Out if he wilfully takes more than two minutes to come in -- the two minutes being timed from the moment a wicket falls until the new batsman steps on to the field of play.

If this is not complied with and if the Umpire is satisfied that the delay was wilful and if an appeal is made, the new Batsman shall be given out by the Umpire at the Bowler's end.

2. Time to be Added

The time taken by the Umpires to investigate the cause of the de- lay shall be added at the normal close of play.


(a) Entry in Score Book

The correct entry in the score book when a Batsman is given out under this Law is "timed out", and the Bowler does not get credit for the wicket.

(b) Batsmen Crossing on the Field of Play

It is an essential duty of the Captains to ensure that the in- going Batsman passes the out-going one before the latter leaves the field of play.

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Date-stamped : 01 Apr2001 - 14:24