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Law 35: Hit Wicket

1. Out Hit Wicket

The Striker shall be out Hit Wicket if, while the ball is in play:-

(a) His wicket is broken with any part of his person, dress, or equipment as a result of any action taken by him in preparing to receive or in receiving a delivery, or in setting off for his first run, immediately after playing, or playing at, the ball.

(b) He hits down his wicket whilst lawfully making a second stroke for the purpose of guarding his wicket within the provisions of Law 34.1. (Out Hit the Ball Twice).


(a) Not Out Hit Wicket

A Batsman is not out under this Law should his wicket be broken in any of the ways referred to in 1(a) above if:-

(i) It occurs while he is in the act of running, other than in setting off for his first run immediately after playing at the ball, or while he is avoiding being run out or stumped.

(ii) The Bowler after starting his run-up or bowling action does not deliver the ball; in which case the Umpire shall immediately call and signal "dead ball".

(iii)It occurs whilst he is avoiding a throw-in at any time.

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