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Law 38: Run Out

1. Out Run Out

Either Batsman shall be out Run Out if in running or at any time while the ball is in play -- except in the circumstances described in Law 39. (Stumped) -- he is out of his ground and his wicket is put down by the opposite side. If, however, a Batsman in running makes good his ground he shall not be out Run Out, if he subsequently leaves his ground, in order to avoid injury, and the wicket is put down.

2. "No Ball" Called

If a no ball has been called, the Striker shall not be given Run Out unless he attempts to run.

3. Which Batsman is Out

If the Batsmen have crossed in running, he who runs for the wick- et which is put down shall be out; if they have not crossed, he who has left the wicket which is put down shall be out. If a Batsman remains in his ground or returns to his ground and the other Batsman joins him there, the latter shall be out if his wicket is put down.

4. Scoring of Runs

If a Batsman is run out, only that run which is being attempted shall not be scored. If however an injured Striker himself is run out, no runs shall be scored. See Law 2.7. (Transgression of the Laws by an Injured Batsman or Runner).


(a) Ball Played on to Opposite Wicket

If the ball is played on to the opposite wicket neither Batsman is liable to be Run Out unless the ball has been touched by a Fieldsman before the wicket is broken.

(b) Entry in Score Book

The correct entry in the score book when the Striker is given out under this Law is "run out", and the Bowler does not get credit for the wicket.

(c) Run Out off a Fieldsman's Helmet If, having been played by a Batsman, or having come off his per- son, the ball rebounds directly from a Fieldsman's helmet on to the stumps, with either Batsman out of his ground, the Batsman shall be "Not Out".

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